Running Check-In Week 2

Running ShoesWeek 2 hasn’t been as productive as I would have liked it to be.  I didn’t run nearly as much thanks to some pretty nasty weather we’d been having.  No more snow (thank goodness!) but we were having some strong wind storms.

Running in wind sucks especially when the gusts are 60mph.  Yikes!

But my running has improved and I’m still making progress.  I now can run a mile with only one walk break which is promising and very encouraging.

I bought some new running shoes which sadly were a huge disappointment.  I used to run in Pearl Izumi Syncofloat and I adored those shoes.  Perfectly cushy, no seams on the inside, and they fit my feet like a glove.


Then Pearl Izumi had to go and change up their whole shoe line and they don’t even make the syncofloats any more (that’s how long it’s been since I bought shoes).  I asked them what would be comparable to that old shoe and they said their Road N2 would be similar.

So I foolishly bought a pair online to run in.

I’ll wait till you’re done laughing at me.

I got them and the fit is a little funny.  The right shoe fits my foot fine but the left one is off a bit.  The arch on that side just feels wrong.  Regardless I gave them a try, after two runs I know they are not the shoe for me.  They cause my calves and shins to cramp up badly during runs.

The last run I had was so horrible due to the cramping that I walked more of that mile than I ran it.

No good.  The shoes have to go and I’m going to head to a running store to get fitted for some new shoes.

It’s also time to add some cross-training and other cardio into the schedule.  I need to build up endurance, work my core, and move my body more.  Plus I really just want to punch and kick the shit out of things.

A friend and I went and visited a gym that offers hour long kickboxing and boxing workouts.  Like a conditioning workout complete with core strengthening moves as well.  It’s not Muay Thai but it’s as close as I can get at the moment so I’ll take it.

First class is on Sunday and I can’t wait to go at it!

How have your workouts been this week?

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