Fresh Start

Welcome to Monday and a brand new week!  I’m ready to start this week fresh and get back on track.  Scott is back from his business trip which makes me a happy lady. I missed his face so much! And with him being home,  I’ll be able to get back to my routine.

Taking last week off was needed but man I did miss the structure and routine of my days.

The weather today is crazy. It’s 50 degrees and super windy because the temps are going to plummet and be frigid all week.  We might even see more snow!

Yogurt and coffee

I wasn’t super hungry when I got up this morning and only wanted something light, so a yogurt bowl it was.

  • 2% Fage
  • Homemade Granola
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Coconut Flakes

Plus coconut oil + butter coffee.

Scott’s plane landed and I was waiting for him to get home before diving into lunch.  I snacked on a pear and some leftover potato salad while I prepped some stuff for lunch and some stuff for the week.

Potato Salad

The potato salad was pretty basic with mayo + dill as the seasonings.

Brat, tots, sugar snap peas

Lunch was a total rando plate of leftovers and things that needed used up; Jalapeno cheddar brat, tots, and some sugar snap peas.

Pork roast, potatoes, and carrots

Dinner was super easy because I wanted to maximize the time I got with Scott today once he got home. I decided on slow cooker pork roast with potatoes and carrots.  This way dinner was ready to go and I wasn’t spending a bunch of time in the kitchen.

I know this was a super quick post but it’s time to go hang with Scott and get caught up on everything that happened while he was away.  Chat with you tomorrow!


Fitness Friday: Taking A Week Off


I took the week off from training and did absolutely nothing.  Not a damn thing but stuff around the house and I also binged on Criminal Minds.  It was glorious and also difficult.

This wasn’t something planned out but something I decided on last minute.  I realized the past few weeks that I’ve been getting tired more easily and feeling a lot more joint aches after workouts.

Going 5 days a week to workout was not a big deal but lately it’s been a struggle.  My body gets so worn out and exhausted that I end up taking a day off.

It sucks.  This isn’t a place I want to be.  It makes me feel like my body is falling apart.  The worst is that it makes me feel like I’m old.

I hate feeling old.

So this week I decided to just chill and give my body a full on break.  It was difficult because I like working out and I like seeing my FitFam each day.

Yes I said it, FitFam. My gym is my second home. I miss lifting that bar and cursing with each stupid burpee.

But I feel like my body just needed this down time.  I’ll be back next week and hopefully this rest will prove to have been helpful.

Have you ever taken a break from training?


Thoughts On fitbit Blaze

For those that may remember, I got a fitbit Flex a few years ago and at first I loved it.  Then I hated it so very much. For starters, it would go to sleep way too easily without my knowing.  I could be driving down a particularly bumpy road and it would go to sleep.  Making a smoothie? Yup, it would go to sleep.  You get the idea.

Plugging in exercises on the app was a pain in the ass.  You would have to create exercises if you did anything other than run or walk.  Then you had to guesstimate how many calories you burned because the app required that you put in some number.  Instead of being easy it became cumbersome and I hated it.  I tossed it back in it’s box as I cursed it and moved on.

Fast forward a few years, once I was doing CrossFit consistently, I wanted to be able to track my workouts, calories burned, and so on.  Wearing a traditional heart rate monitor during the workout was uncomfortable. I also started running again so wearing a GPS plus wearing a HRM was annoying.  Isn’t there something that does all these things? In frustration, I started looking for other options.

I went back to fitbit site and saw that they know have a whole line of devices.  The Blaze is what caught my attention because the features seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.  Plus it connects to your phone (iPhone AND Android) alerting you to text messages and phone calls.

fitbit Blaze

It took me a long time to decide to make the purchase because I was afraid of spending the money then hating the device.  Scott finally convinced me to take the plunge so I purchased the Blaze with a purple band.

Hands down, I am in total love with this fitness tracker.  It has everything I was looking for and fits my needs perfectly.

It has a HRM and while I’m sure it might not be as accurate as the old school ones, I don’t mind. I can go to the “Today” tab and see all my stats which is so handy and much preferred over having to open the app each time.

It does track sleep and it goes to sleep on it’s own.  I assume it detects sleep by lack of movement and slower heart rate.

It has multiple workout modes to choose from:

  • Run
  • Bike
  • Weights
  • Treadmill
  • Elliptical
  • Workout

YEEESSSSSS! Weights is what I use if I’m doing an hour weight session and workout is what I pick for CrossFit workouts.  Run for running, clearly.

The run option does have connected GPS, meaning it uses your phone for that.  I went in with some apprehension on this because I thought that I would have to have my phone out and have to read that for distance.  Nope, the watch just connects to your phone via bluetooth and then mileage is displayed on the watch screen. The watch will buzz when you hit a mile.  Once you’re done, you can check your stats and see pace, distance, splits, and even elevation.  It’s awesome!

And because you are logging the workouts right on your phone, you don’t have to worry about logging them in the app saving lots of time and frustration.

There is a timer on the watch as well if you want to time yourself doing whatever.

There is also an alarm feature so that you can set alarm reminders or sleep alarms.

Plus it connects to your phone so you’ll get buzzes to let you know if you have a text or phone call.  I believe that if you use the calendar and mail program native to your phone, you’ll also get buzz alerts to let you know about mail and events.  I use Gmail and Gcal so I don’t get those.

I was afraid that it was going to be bulky and while it is a bit large, it is not a problem at all.  Sometimes while getting dressed or putting on a jacket, I have to be sure it doesn’t catch on a sleeve but otherwise it is just like wearing a watch.

Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about the Blaze!  If you’re looking for a fitness tracker or perhaps considering gifting a tracker to someone, definitely consider the Blaze.  And if you have any questions about it, give me a shout and I’ll answer them as best I can.

Disclaimer: This post is not associated with fitbit, they don’t even know I exist. I purchased this product myself.


Past The Funk

Hi, gang!  How was everyone’s night? I had a splash of bourbon last night and two peppermint chocolate squares while I watched more Criminal Minds.  I ran the pups out for a last potty run and then we headed to bed. I read a bit, I’m currently rereading The Whole 30 because I’m going to be doing that challenge again in January.

I did finish Food Freedom Forever a little while back, and the book was alright. It wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be. I thought that it was going to be more about Melissa’s story, background, her journey, and how she found food freedom.  Instead it’s a guide so that you can find food freedom.  It is basically doing a Whole 30 (without saying do a Whole 30) and then following reintroduction steps.

I feel like this book is maybe geared more towards people who haven’t done a Whole 30 and who need help getting started with incorporating whole foods into their diet.  It’s a nice ease into eating real food without the pressure of a challenge or a complete diet change.  But for those of us that are mostly there, I don’t really think this book is for us.

If you read the book I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Ok, earlier this week I have been in a funk.  It happens. I deal with anxiety and sometimes also get the blahs.  Truth time.  Exercising and eating well helps to keep those things in check but sometimes I just need to be quiet and alone for a bit.

That happened for a few days this week but thankfully I’m coming out of that and am feeling much more like myself.  Whew!  Being outside also helps and this morning it was sunny and the air was so crisp and refreshing. I needed that!

Yogurt bowl and coffee

Breakfast was another yogurt bowl and some collagen coffee.

  • 2% Fage
  • Homemade Granola
  • Crushed Pecans
  • Coconut Flakes
  • 60% Dark Chocolate Chips

It was a beautiful day with the sun shining and amazing blue skies.  The pups and I went shopping and then I did some chores around the house.  Lunch was sushi from Whole Foods and topped with sriracha mayo.


It’s shrimp with avocado and cucumber.  And yes topped with mayo which is my new favorite way to eat these rolls.  I ate lunch in the kitchen while I prepped stuff for dinner and washed dishes.

Grain free pizza

Dinner was pizza!  The last time I made a crust I forgot to write down the measurements for the ingredients.  Rookie mistake! The crust I tried to make this evening wasn’t as good but it did the job. It is a grain free curst using almond flour, coconut flour, rice flour, and tapioca.

The toppings were:

  • Spinach and sundried tomato pesto
  • Moz
  • Italian sausage
  • Red onion
  • Pepperoncinis

Now I’m going to have a splash of red and keep watching Criminal Minds.  Yes I’m on vacation so that means relaxing and indulging.  Sorry not sorry!



Netflix and Chill

After dinner last night I made a small bowl of popcorn and had a splash of white as I watched Criminal Minds. Then I hit the hay because I was passing out on the couch with the dogs.  I took them out for their last potty run of the night and we all went to sleep.

Fort Collins finally decided that it’s winter so the days and nights have be extra chilly which means I needed to bust out the flannel sheets.  Mmmm I love flannel sheets!

Up early this morning as I’m waiting on a package to get delivered that needs a signature.  It also means I can’t go anywhere so that I don’t miss the delivery.  Which is OK because it’s cold and crazy windy out so staying snug in my little house is perfectly fine with me.

Yogurt Bowl and coffee

Breakfast was a yogurt bowl with:

  • 2% Fage
  • Homemade granola
  • Homemade cranberry sauce
  • Chocolate chips

Chocolate + cranberry is one of my favorite combos!

Tuna Salad and Snacks

Lunch was super simple but delicious, tuna salad with veggies and plantain chips.  The tuna salad had:

  • Mayo
  • Green Onion
  • Sriracha
  • Diced Dill Pickle
  • Diced Pepperoncinis

And seasoned with Flavor God Garlic Lovers.  I munched on lunch while watching more Criminal Minds and that’s basically the theme of my day.

Taco Bowl

Dinner was a taco bowl with:

  • Ground bison seasoned with Flavor God Spicy Everything and with some salsa added
  • Rice
  • Roasted yellow squash
  • Cheddar
  • Green Onion

Mmmmm filling and perfect for Taco Tuesday!

I have not watched Martha and Snoop yet because I’m waiting for Scott to be able to watch it with me.  He’s got stuff going on in the evenings this week and I know he is going to want to see it.  That’s OK, I’ll be able to double up on episodes next week and two shows back to back will make for an awesome night!

I know I’m not super chatty this week but since it’s my “vacation”, I’m trying to be on my computer as little as possible, hence the shorty posts.  I know you understand! Till tomorrow!