Running Check-In Week Three

Hand wrapsA day late but it’s time to catch up on how the running is going!

Still slowly making progress but it’s getting there.  This week I started taking kickboxing and boxing classes at a local gym.  It’s more of a conditioning class where for an hour the focus is bag work and core strengthening moves.  There’s no punching or sparring with other people.

I like it because it’s a high intensity workout yet you can go at your own pace.  The second class kicked my butt and I totally had the workout high going on.  I felt amazing!

And it’s nice to be able to punch and kick stuff again.  This is my kind of workout.  Not tossing around weights, climbing ropes, or down dog.  An hour with a heavy bag is much more enjoyable to me.

Running has slowed down a bit since I’m introducing a new workout to my routine.  I don’t want to tax myself too much and risk injury.  However my running is staying consistent, I haven’t lost anything by taking a few days off.

Today I ran and I bet I could have run the full mile but my left hip was holding me back.  It’s a little sore and stiff from kickboxing and it actually hurt as I ran.  So much that it started affecting my running gait and that’s when I knew I needed to stop.

I’ve got enough running experience to know that if something hurts as you run or if you have to start adjusting your gait because of it, it’s time to stop.  I ran a little over half way and then walked the rest of the mile back home.

I didn’t mind.  Yes it sucked I couldn’t run the whole thing but I still got outside this morning, moved my body, and enjoyed the cool snowy morning.  More kickboxing later today and then I’ll be set to get snug on the couch and watch some hockey.

Don’t forget that I’m Instagramming my whole running and workout journey this year.  Follow me and keep a look out for the hashtags #Run2014 and #GetFit.  If you’re working out and working towards getting fit this year, use those hashtags and share your journey too!

How’s your training going?

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