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Hey you guuuyyyssss!  Happy Tuesday!  I have been feeling a little stressed the past week or so which has sent my anxiety through the freaking roof.  Ugh. Thankfully I’ve still been sleeping OK (knock on wood) but today I’m finally feeling much calmer.

I’ve been juggling a lot of things and some things have been in limbo but I have reached a place of solutions.  I know all of this is cryptic and obnoxious but until I get the ball rolling on a few things, this is as good as it gets.  Ok, so let’s talk about eats!

After an awesome gym sesh where I threw some heavy stuff around, I came home to a yogurt bowl.

With chocolate chips because that’s how I rolled today.  Grain-free granola from TJ’s because I am out of homemade, fresh blueberries, and the aforementioned chocolate chips.

Frothy coffee was coconut oil + collagen.

After doing laundry, doing some business work, but before a business call, it was time for lunch.

Scott and I have been getting down with some chicken thighs and legs for lunch but we’re ready for a new protein thrown in rotation.  Any suggestions?

Lunch today was some thighs seasoned with Flavor God’s new Buffalo Seasoning, leftover green beans, and some cut up mini peppers.  Dipped in Buffalo Sauce + Mayo and a smoothie on the side.

Smoothie was a basic one for me:

  • 3C Water
  • 3 Huge handfuls of greens
  • 1.5 Frozen bananas
  • 1/2C Frozen Blueberries

Makes 2 big smoothies.

Finished up laundry, had my business call, planned an event, AND talked on the phone to my mom for a bit. WHEW. Y’all today was a big exciting day.

Dinner was awesome and a lil fancy for a Tuesday.

Pork blade steaks (think pork shoulder sliced) seasoned with Flavor God Garlic Lovers and a bit of poultry seasoning.  Smashed crispy duck fat and ghee potatoes, and some roasted asparagus (olive oil + salt + garlic powder).

Pork was from this month’s Butcher Box shipment. (<– $10 off your first box )


Now my pretties, I’m going to sit on the couch with my loves, a splash of bourbon, and some TV. Normally I don’t have bourbon on a Tuesday but oh man, I had such a great day I need to celebrate a wee bit.

PS: Yesterday I talked about my mission to start using safer skincare products. Today in my FB group, I shared some new products just released by Beautycounter. Feel free to join the group to learn more! I’ll also be hosting an event next week and all the details will be in the group, you don’t want to miss that!


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  1. Oh man, we completely burned ourselves out of chicken thighs. Haha! I’ve been working in more ground pork and ground chicken for more bowl-like meals versus the protein with sides.

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