About Food Embrace

Grain Free Chicken EnchiladasWhat You Can Expect To See On Food Embrace

My blog covers several topics but they are all related to food and healthy living.  Ok, and sometimes hockey.

Mostly you will see the following:

Recipes: I cook a great deal and hope to inspire others to cook as well! So you’ll see lots of recipes on the blog of things I’ve made or things I’ve attempted.

Reviews: I do product reviews on occasion.  Most times the reviews are about things I bought, but sometimes they are reviews of things I’ve been sent.  Don’t worry, I tell you straight up which one of those it is.  I’m also very honest in my review so if I like something you’ll know and if I don’t, you’ll know that too.

Discussion Articles: This can be anything from some thoughts I have on a topic to a link that I came across to my current running situation.  Usually whatever I feel like discussing and would like some feedback on.

Exercising: Straight up, I love it! Sometimes I go through slumps and need some motivation to help me get through, but we all experience that. The best way to prove that healthy living can be fun and exciting is by showing it!

Events around Fort Collins, CO:  I live and play here! I’m still exploring and learning all of what Fort Collins has to offer.  I share what I experience because maybe you’ll want to experience it too!