Finishing One Chapter, Starting Another

Hey all!  I’ve done a lot of soul searching the past few years and I’ve realized that it’s time to make some life changes.

One of those is saying Goodbye to Food Embrace.

This little blog started out as Off Her Cork and then saw a change over to Food Embrace as I started down a different path of food and recipe work.  Now it’s time to make a change again.

Wait, did you think I was giving up blogging entirely?  Pfffttttt.  Not happening.

No, I’m just switching gears a bit.  I want to focus more on creating a happy healthy life and all that goes with it.  I want to talk about relationships, picking out paint colors, and how to find the perfect pair of shoes for work. Seriously, I’m in need of great work shoes.

I want to talk about more than food all. the. time. Because there’s more that interests me and I want an outlet to chat. I really don’t feel like Food Embrace is the space for all that.  While I love Food Embrace, it’s time to move on to something different.  A fresh start.

My new space is over at Our Radiant Life.  I’ve changed all my social media as well.

Facebook: (I did get approval so the name did change)



If you’ve been following me on my social platforms then you should be set but double check just in case. Because technology.

So this isn’t really Goodbye.  It’s more like, “Hey guys, I’m moving down the street to a different neighborhood. Come check out my new digs.”

See you soon!

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