Media Guidelines:

If you’re a company and have a product you would like me to test out or review for you, I’m more than happy to chat with you about your product!

Having worked with companies and their products for several years now, that experience has required me to create a few guidelines when it comes to reviewing a product or service for a company.

  1. I do not do paid or sponsored posts.
  2. My website is about healthy living.  I promote exercising and eating whole real foods.  I do not support processed foods.  Please take a minute to see if your product fits that criteria.
  3. I support local and independent restaurants. I do not support chain restaurants.
  4. I do not run giveaways on my blog. Promotions and discounts for my readers, yes! Giveaways, no. This means I do not hold contests on my blog.
  5. I do not reveal my website’s monthly stats.
  6. I will always explain that a product was sent to me for review.
  7. I will always give my honest opinion about the product.
  8. I cannot guarantee a schedule for posting a review. I also cannot accommodate short-notice reviews.

If these guidelines are acceptable to you, then let’s chat! I would love to talk with you about your product or service.