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I received a FFitBit FlexitBit Flex for Christmas and I’m pretty much in love with it.

The FitBit Flex is a sort of activity monitor, pedometer, and sleep tracker all in one.  But that’s just a basic description, it’s way more involved than that.  It’s a system that enables you to keep track of so many things like water intake, food tracking, while also providing space to journal.  This is exactly the type of device I’ve been looking for.

Most activity programs are either private or public, you can’t choose.  To find one that lets you control what you want to share while also providing you with space to journal is a big deal (at least to me).

I like to be able to write down notes about my day and also make notes about my runs (like the weather, how I felt, what I wore) all of which would be boring to anyone but me.

I like to be able to look over a history of my activities and see what I did for the past month, 6 months, and so on.  I also want the ability to drill down and look at specific days in the past to see how a run went or how I handled a particular activity.

Sure there are other programs out there but none of them were providing me with the exact space I was looking for.

Daily Mile is fine but it’s public and doesn’t provide the detailed stats that I’m looking for.  RunKeeper and Garmin sites I find to be very clunky and they don’t track the things that matter to me.  Plus I want to be able to write down notes and thoughts about the day and those sites don’t really provide space to do that.

I have had the Flex less than a month and already it’s helped me learn what works for me and what doesn’t.

Thanks to the ability to track my water intake, I now know that I need at least 50-60oz of water in order to feel hydrated, satisfied, and at my best.  Anything less than 50oz and I feel off and dehydrated. I will also feel empty like I need a snack but now I know that I just need more water.

Because of that my goal is to get at least 50oz a day because I know that I feel my best when I do.

I also love that I can lightly tape the device and it will show me via little lights how close I am to achieving my step goal for the day.

So in basic list format here is why I love the FitBit Flex:

  • Easy to track multiple things (like weight, food, water, activities)
  • Place to journal thoughts and activities with the ability to make it public or private
  • Can log info either via a smartphone or the web
  • Makes it easy to set goals
  • Easy to track progress

So far I do not have that many “cons” or issues with this system.  I don’t really think the sleep monitoring is accurate but unless you’re strapped up and hooked up to machines, this is the best you’re going to get.

It does claim to be waterproof but I still don’t wear it in the shower.  The system also comes with both band sizes which is handy because if you are looking to lose weight, you won’t have to worry about ordering a new band.

Yes you do have to pay for the system and it can come across as pricey.  However it’s a one time payment and you will have the ability to track everything for as long as you like.

You can also check out the site for free and get a feel for everything the FitBit does.

Do you have a FitBit or use any type of tracking programs to monitor your workouts and daily routine?


Disclaimer: This review is my own opinion, FitBit did not ask me to review their product.


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