One Year

Alley in Fort Collins offIt’s been one year.

One year since we decided to sell our house and pack up our stuff to move to a state we had never been to.

One year since we drove across the country to get here.

One year since we took that leap of faith knowing in our hearts that Colorado is home.

One year since we made the decision that Fort Collins was the town for us after visiting for one day.

And what a year it has been!  We’ve had a lot happen in that one year.

We rented a house and found out we really hate renting.

I started volunteering at a shelter.

We made friends quickly (it’s super easy to make friends here) and made connections around town.

I got two jobs, one outside of the home and one working from home.

We adopted a dog!

Avery laying in the sunAnd we bought a house!  Avery enjoys his new backyard very much and so do we!

It’s been a really life changing crazy year but all in a very good and fantastic way.  We’re very happy here and very thankful that we were in a position where we could make such a big move.

Here’s to another year!  Can’t wait to see what other adventures we’ll experience!



4 thoughts on “One Year

  1. Monica says:

    Has it been a year. How exciting. I am glad it has been a good move. I can’t wait to see the next year in the new house.

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