Setting Up House

New living roomWe’re here!  We’re all moved in and there are only a few items left at the rental that we need to pick up.

The house is a disaster zone with boxes and crap just everywhere.  It’s making me a little crazy but with each day more things get unpacked and put away.

This house has a little bit less storage than we’re used to so we have to take each box one at a time and figure out what goes where.

We’re going to have to get creative with space and purchase a few new furniture pieces to help with storage.  I’m looking forward to that actually.  Thrift stores here I come!

Aside from the crazy, the house is amazing.  It’s exactly what we want in all respects and we feel really blessed that we were able to find this house in such a demanding market.

Now back to unpacking and organizing!  Full rundown of the house and the yard to come!

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