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Living Room and Dining RoomWe finally have our office space as “functional” which means that we have desks and computers up and running.

And that means that I finally have access to photos of the house that I can share!

Our house faces North and South and while we do have a good many windows in the house, we don’t have that much natural light shine through.  We have a lot of mature trees around our property which keeps most of the sun from coming in the windows.

While most of the rooms don’t have a ton of natural light that comes in, it also means that our house is kept cooler because we have so much shade.  When you don’t have central air, this is very handy!

All of that to say, sorry some of the photos are dark and grainy.  I don’t have a wide angle lens and I’m not setting up lights just to take better pictures of an empty house. I know you all get it.

I haven’t done a house tour before so be gentle.

The first picture is showing the main living space.  That is a combination of living room and dining room. The angle is from standing the kitchen doorway looking towards the front of the house. The room is very large and spacious.  Our house was built in 1923 and has all of the original hardwood floors and windows.

On the right is a doorway that leads to a full bathroom and two bedrooms.

Upstairs BathroomThe previous owners redid this bathroom.  It’s clean and pretty neutral. They did get rid of the original clawfoot tub which makes me super sad.

Upstairs BathThe bathroom is small with silver and glass accents.  Overall the bathroom was done really well.

On either side of the bathroom are the extra rooms upstairs.

OfficeThis is on the left side of the bathroom and towards the front of the house.  We are using this as our office space.  This angle is from standing in the hall and looking in.

I don’t have a wide angle lens so getting shots of an empty house is challenging!

OfficeStanding in the corner looking out.  You can see the hallway and part of the dining area. The closet in this room is a hot mess.  We already took down the shelving unit and installed one of our own.

Guest RoomDown the hall past the bathroom is the guest room.  It’s large and thankfully no one painted the windows and trim white.

On to the kitchen!

KitchenThe kitchen is bright and gets tons of natural light making it perfect for taking food photos.  I do have a love hate relationship with this kitchen though but for now I’m not complaining.  Please excuse our hillbilly stick/brace in the window there.  That’s currently being addressed.

This kitchen was redone by the previous previous owners (two owners before us), if that makes sense.  And it was a total DIY job done.  Ahem.  More on that in a post about our plans for the house.

On the other side of the kitchen is this:

Kitchen DeskA custom built in desk.  The previous owners had this built and installed.  It is lovely if you want a desk in your kitchen. Currently I’m using it to house my cookbooks and mason jars because I do not want a desk in my kitchen.

On the left where Avery is, are the stairs that lead out to the backyard and also down into the basement.

There are three steps and a small landing.  The backdoor is located on that landing.  Turn right and keep going down the stairs to the finished basement.

Stairs to basementThe basement has been completely finished and is pretty fantastic.

Basement Living AreaStanding on the stairs, you can see the basement “living” space.  Directly in front is a spare bedroom.  On the immediate right there is a door that leads to the utility room, an unfinished room that we are using as a beer cellar, and then also a laundry room (!).  No pictures of those areas just yet!

On the right towards the back of this photo, is the hallway that leads down to the master and master bathroom.

Basement HallHallway to the master bath and the master bedroom is on the left.

Master bedroomBeing in the basement, not much light but you get the general idea.  On the left in this picture, not shown, is a huge closet.

Master BathroomThe master bathroom! Thanks to lighter wall color and light accents, this room is pretty bright.

There is marble everywhere! Custom marble sink top and marble flooring.

Master ShowerThe shower has marble trim and the ceiling of the shower is marble.

So as to not make an already long post even longer, I’m saving our thoughts and plans for this house for another post.  Along with photos of the outside and our plans for that as well.

This was just a basic tour of our new living space and where we will be calling “home” for quite some time.

I’m excited to share more about our house and how we will transform it to something that suits our personalities and also bring back some of the 1920’s vibe.


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