Experimenting With Beet Greens

I had a lovely bunch of beets that needed used up. These beets still had their tops on them and while I was pretty sure you could eat the greens, I did a quick Google search to be certain.

Yes you can eat the greens!

Most people seem to choose to saute them up with a little olive oil and garlic.

I also learned that the greens are similar in nature to chard and possibly related to them in some way.

I didn’t want to saute the greens up because I wanted to use them in a salad.

I peeled the beets, chopped them up and boiled them for a few minutes until they were tender.

I washed and chopped the greens, making sure to remove as much of the stem as possible.  The stem is edible, but is a little fibrous and is better when it’s cooked.  Since I wasn’t cooking the greens, I put it aside.

I dressed the greens and beets with a lovely vinaigrette made with orange zest, fresh squeezed OJ, and dijon, and a little red wine vinegar.

Beets and orange pair really well together and this light dressing worked perfectly for the greens.

My first introduction to beet greens was a success!  I normally buy loose beets because they tend to be a little cheaper at the market.  I might buy the bunches now on occasion so I have a chance to use up the greens.

Have you had beet greens before?  Did you like them?


4 thoughts on “Experimenting With Beet Greens

  1. That’s cool. We received a lot of beets in our CSA last year and I juiced the greens; however, I thought they were heinous. Probably because they were raw! Lesson learned…

  2. Cindy says:

    I love beet greens!! Really I love all greens but beets are my favorite. My local farmer sells them with greens and they offer me extras when other customers want them cut off. Cook them quick and try adding a little lemon juice and feta.
    Or put them on a plate with some kind of sliced meat on top. Lamb is really delicious with them. I’m with you, play, play ,play with your food.

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