Single Slice


It was pizza for one this week!  So I decided to experiment a little bit and then use all of my favorite toppings.

I made butter last week and has just enough buttermilk left to use in the dough.  I wasn’t quite sure if it would effect the flavor or not but I was going to find out!

I followed my usual recipe, cut in half, and using buttermilk instead of warm water.

The dough rose perfectly and rolled out beautifully!

I then brushed the dough with some garlic butter (chopped garlic in melted butter) and then used spinach and sun-dried tomato as a base.

Topped with cheese, red onion, and red pepper chicken sausage.


The crust really didn’t taste much different but it was very light and crispy once baked.  The garlic butter helped the crust get to a nice golden color.

It was so very yummy! And I have enough leftover for tonight’s dinner but I’m not sure I want it.  Hrmmm decisions, decisions.

I’ve been watching Hot In Cleveland on streaming the past few evenings.  Don’t judge!  I love Betty White and she’s actually hysterical in it.  Her character is so snarky and sarcastic that it cracks me up.

Alright friends, tell me how your week has gone! Mine has been busy but good.  We’re finally making progress on getting some of the outside stuff taken care of for the house.  Painters have been scheduled and a tree-trim guy is also on the books.  Next up, landscaping and weed control then we should be set.


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