Try New Combinations

There’s a little diner here that serves the best black beans I have ever had. I dream about these black beans.

Scott and I went one day for breakfast and I got a side order of beans.  Yeah, beans for breakfast, don’t knock it!  I had eggs with my breakfast and decided to just plop the beans right on top.  With a little hot sauce on top, I was a very happy lady.

Had I not ordered beans with my breakfast, it probably never would have occurred to me to try mixing them with eggs.

Once I did, I couldn’t figure out why this hadn’t done this before!  Now black beans over eggs is one of my very favorite combinations.

I scramble up eggs and season them with garlic and chili powder.  Then I top with:

  • Black Beans
  • Cheese
  • Salsa
  • Hot Sauce

You can even add in some sour cream as well!

It’s an easy dish to put together and is also very budget friendly.  Eggs and beans are inexpensive and pantry staples.

With summer in full swing, tomatoes are in season so they are inexpensive, allowing you to make your own salsa.

So don’t be afraid to try different combinations with your food.  Play around with textures and tastes.  You just might surprise yourself and find something that you really enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Try New Combinations

  1. I love an over medium egg on top of a salad with salsa and avocado. Cheryl from Bluescreek mentioned it as a way to eat an egg and now I love it. Too bad they don’t serve it in restaurants that way.

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