New Kicks

A few weeks ago when I started this latest round of PT, the therapist told me that my current shoes were not working for me.

I was in stability shoes.  I went to a running store and got fitted for them.  I’ve been wearing stability shoes for the 3 years that I’ve been running.

The therapist told me that they were actually providing me with too much stability and that I really could benefit from a neutral shoe.  Most neutral shoes provide some stability anyway (unless you go super minimalist) and that is all that I needed.

I waited on getting new shoes until I was up to running semi-regularly again.  I’ve been bumped up to running 1.5 miles every other day and I figured this was a great time to go get some new kicks.

I got some earlier this week which was a process that we will discuss soon.  Eventually I found a pair that fit my feet like gloves.

My first run in them was Saturday and they worked beautifully.  At first I was nervous because they were slipping on my heel a little bit but as I ran, my feet seemed to adjust and there was no more slipping.

Running in neutral shoes vs. stability shoes is a whole new world.

At this point I’m very pleased with this new experience!

The new shoes are Pearl Izumi SyncroFloat IV.  Heaven!

My hip seems to be doing much better.  It is getting used to running again and the pain is decreasing with each week.  Yes, it’s taking a while but if I can run, then I’m happy.

How was training this week for you?

6 thoughts on “New Kicks

  1. Here’s something I’ve never understood – whats with the Pearl Izumi logo? That’s the brand I have as well for my spin shoes – and I don’t get why it’s iP (vs Pi) – do you know? :)

    SO GLAD your hips feel better!

    • GDW, Ha! I thought the same thing and it wasn’t until just the other day that I realized the logo is actually a PI. It just looks funny but it’s there.

  2. Through all of this, it sounds as though you found someone who understands your need to run very well, which is a great thing. You’re getting sound advice and wisdom to keep your body going properly. Good Luck with healing.

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