Blackberry Lemonade

Remember a short while ago we discussed making lemonade at home? I decided to take that lemonade up to another level by making blackberry lemonade!

Earlier this summer I saw a recipe on another blog featuring blackberry lemonade and I was intrigued by this and immediately read the recipe only to be disappointed in the results.

The person used store bought lemonade.


Being that it is so easy to make lemonade, it’s silly to purchase lemonade.  I made a mental note that once I mastered making lemonade, that I would then turn my efforts to blackberry lemonade.

This time I was greatly rewarded.

Andrea’s Blackberry Lemonade

  • 5 Lemons
  • 1/2 Pint Blackberries
  • 3/4C Cane Sugar

Follow the basic lemonade recipe, this time add 1/2 a pint of fresh blackberries in with the lemons.

The blackberries are going to get steeped in with the lemons.  Blackberries are delicate berries so you can expect them to fade and start to fall apart.

This is normal and acceptable! While the blackberries will fade, that color is going to seep into the lemonade mixture.  This is exactly what you want.

After a half hour of steeping, squeeze out the lemon halves and discard.  In a large gallon beverage container add in sugar then strain the lemonade and blackberry mixture with a fine mesh strainer as you pour it into the gallon container.  Discard any lemon pulp and blackberry bits.  Stir mixture and add in cold water to help dilute the lemon and blackberry mixture.

Stir, pour into glasses and serve!

Just to reiterate, to make the blackberry lemonade, you’re going to do all of the same things that you do to make regular lemonade.  The only change is adding in 1/2 a pint of blackberries.  Make sure you look over or print out the lemonade recipe so you have that on hand.

With it being blackberry season right now, this is a perfect thing to make to quench summer thirsts.  The blackberries create a gorgeous color for the lemonade and add a bit of sweetness to the drink as well.

Everyone will be a fan of this drink and you can make it even more fun by adding in some seltzer to it for a bit of fizzy action.

Have fun guys, and remember, always play with your food! Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Blackberry Lemonade

  1. If we could get some sunny, warm summer weather we might actually see blackberries this year. And I would totally make this…if summer ever comes.

    • Marianne, it was the same way here for a very long time. We had a really bad spring that was very rainy and lasted forever. No sun or warm weather until late June.

  2. Yum! So pretty, and so tasty looking! I love finding new ways to take advantage of all the delicious summer berries. Best of all, I love how you control the amount of sugar you add, since you’re making the lemonade from scratch! Store-bought stuff is often loaded with corn syrup or other undesirable ingredients.

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