This past week has been ridiculous due to the extreme heatwave that we’ve been having in these parts.  The heat index was so intense that even being outside for a minute would cause the body to break out into sweat.

Poor Rocky couldn’t even get walks in (not even early in the AM) because it was just too much for his boxer face to handle.  I think he realized it as well.  Normally he’ll bug and ask for his walks.  This past week all he did was spread out as much as his little tank body would let him to try and keep cool.

It just wasn’t good to be out and about.

Scott and I only made a few trips last week and we tried to keep those as minimal as possible.  One was a trip out to Easton so I could procure a new laptop.  Which I did and now I’m a happy girl.

The second was to meet up with some friends for beers on Friday evening.  We picked up dinner to take with us to the bar and it was our first stop at a taco truck.  We are no longer food truck virgins!  Hooray! The food was yummy and now we’re anxious to experience more of the food truck scene here in Columbus.

Sunday was pretty low key around the house.  I got up early and had a wee bit of yogurt with granola and a sprinkle of chocolate chips while watching a bit of Food TV.  It’s been a while since I’ve had chocolate chips and granola on a Sunday morning!

I worked on my school work for the week and got that finished. I have an iPad that I use mostly for school work at the moment and I love it.  It’s light and easily portable.  It’s perfect for school because I can review all the documents right on the iPad.  It helps break up time sitting at a desk which is much needed.  I hate being strapped to my desk!

Scott finally got up and we had a lovely brunch!  I didn’t want scrambled eggs and I didn’t want pancakes (GASP!) leaving me to figure out what to make for brunch.  I knew that I did want a fried egg and I wanted veggies.  Salad with egg! Bingo!

Mixed greens salad with fried egg on top and warm bacon onion dressing.  YUM! Bacon and onions cooking at the same time is one of the best smells ever!

It could also be that I just love breakfast and breakfast smells always win me over and draw me in.

After lunch I prepped things for dinner and got a roast going in the crockpot.  I also made veggies for Rocky and got a few things prepped for the week ahead.

Then I watched mindless TV.  I needed to zone out and not do much of anything.  Scott and I have a lot going on at the moment and I’m finding that I need to take more and more mental breaks from everything.  I ended up watching Harry Potter which is saying something because I loath those movies.  I know a lot of folks love them (obviously) but they are horribly chopped up and the story is shredded to bits.  I can tolerate the first two movies but after that, ugh.  Horrendous.  So naturally I watched Prisoner of Azkaban and yes, it’s still horrible.

Dinner time! The best and worst things about a crock pot are that you smell the fab food cooking all. day. long.

Today was a beef arm roast for shredded beef tacos!

Mmmmm! Shredded beef and pork tacos are my super favorite! With guacamole and sour cream (Greek yogurt) on top and a dash of Cholula because you have to.

When you have tacos for a meal, you really only want to focus on the tacos.  All sides dishes are kind of afterthoughts and you’ll eat them but don’t really think too much about them.  That’s the beauty of a taco, it demands your attention!

Because of this I made a very easy and very quick side dish.  I sauteed up some:

Sauteed in olive oil with just a smidge of butter for creaminess and richness.  I ate mine topped with more Cholula.  Naturally.

Dinner was perfection and as I always strive to do, there are leftovers for this evening.

How was your weekend? Have you been stuck inside like us trying to beat the heat?

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    • Alyse, Thanks! I’m pretty anxious to try out some new trucks around town. There’s one that has a great following and that might be the one we try next.

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