Honey Face Wash – Week 1 Check In

Hello all my honey pretties! It’s been about a week since we’ve all joined Crunchy Betty’s Honey Face Wash Challenge. I wanted to check-in and see how everyone is coming along! Let’s get a discussion going!

Here are a few things that I’ve noticed:

  • My skin feels tighter and more refreshed.
  • The more I got used to this method the easier it became to spread the honey on my face and use the right amount for my face.
  • It doesn’t take much honey at all and by working it around your face, that helps it get into the pores and your skin a bit better.

I like to use the honey as a light mask, so I leave it on my face for a few minutes.  In the mornings I put it on before I get in the shower. That way it sits on my face for a few minutes while I’m dry brushing.  I like the way my skin feels after having the honey on for that extra time.

In the evening, I’ll put it on and read a few pages in my book or do some chores (putting away laundry for example) before washing it off.

I still tone and moisturize afterwards.  Some folks on Crunchy Betty’s site have mentioned that they do not need to tone or moisturize after the wash.  My skin tends to feel a bit tight if I forget that step.  I have noticed that I need less moisturizer though now.  Just a week bit goes a long way!

Have you been dutifully washing your face for a week with raw honey?  Have you noticed any changes?

Also, Crunchy Betty posted how to remove makeup with honey so be sure to swing over and check that out!

6 thoughts on “Honey Face Wash – Week 1 Check In

    • Alyse, it’s not sticky or hard to remove at all. It actually washes away easily with warm water, leaving no residue. Just rub some on your hand and wash it off to see! :)

  1. Nicole says:

    Today is my second day of doing it, although I’m only doing it once daily. So far so good! I’ve put it on my face and arms, leaving it on for about 5 minutes. Can’t wait to see my results after a week! It definitely feels better on my skin than the Neutrogena Naturals face wash I’ve been using.

  2. I hadn’t heard of this before – I am intrigued and may give it a try! I have pretty sensitive skin, so anytime I can switch to a natural product that isn’t too inconvenient, it’s worth a shot.

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