Hello my little foodies!  How are you doing and how was your weekend?  Mine flew by! So much so, that today I’m sort of wondering what day it is.  I didn’t even exercise today which is strange for me!  All I wanted to do this morning (and still want to do but that’s between us!) is sleep in my super comfy bed.

I love my bed.

This was Scott and I’s first “big” purchase when we moved in together.  We tested beds and shopped around all day long.  Finally we decided on a queen bed with pillow tops on each side!  Very decadent.  Eleven years later and we still have that bed and it is still just as awesome as the first night we had it.  We are probably due for a new bed but I really don’t want to get a new one!

My last couple of Homespun Sunday posts might have left you wondering if we only eat two meals on Sunday.  The answer is yes and no.

Since I am up and out the door in the mornings for my long run, I do have to refuel myself when I get home.  Typically I have a small bowl of yogurt and granola.  This is enough to help my body refuel and tide me over till the bigger Sunday Breakfast which happens once Scott gets up for the day.  With a big breakfast that usually happens around noon or 1pm that is filling enough to get us through till dinner.

Because it is so so hot and humid lately, all of my focus has been on how to get cold delicious food into my system.  The idea of “hot” just is not appealing.  When I don’t have overnight oats, I have cereal or yogurt.  Lately I have taken to adding some soymilk or SO Delicious coconut milk to my Greek yogurt to help thin it out a little bit.  For some reason the idea of super thick Greek yogurt isn’t so appealing as cool, creamy, smooth “Greek” yogurt.  Yesterday for my post run snack I had just that, Greek yogurt with SO Delicious coconut milk, granola, and fresh berries on top.

It was cool and a lovely delicious way to celebrate 11 miles completed in the heat.

Once Scotty got up, it was time for breakfast!  I knew I wanted pancakes in a big way.  Of course they were buckwheat because I cannot get enough.

Coconut buckwheat pancakes that I dipped in some maple syrup.  Accompanied by chicken sausage and fresh fruit with OJ to wash it down.  Yum!  After breakfast I prepped everything for dinner later and Scott did the dishes.  This freed up so much time!  We actually had a Sunday afternoon to do whatever we wanted!  Honestly this is so rare.  Normally after breakfast is cleanup and then out to take Rocky for his walk.  And then we may have an hour or so before I need to start getting things ready for dinner.  Then it’s dinner time and before we know it Sunday is totally over.

But yesterday the afternoon was ours!

And we video gamed. :D  We played some Lego Star Wars.  This is my second Lego game and I have to say that while I am enjoying myself, Lego Batman was so much better!  The fighting, the game, and just the structure of the game was loads better than Star Wars.  Also? If you play a character with a light saber there is a slight time delay when fighting.  Enough that it will cause you to take damage or possibly get killed because you are missing that precious second of not doing anything while you wait for the game to catch up to what you just asked it to do.  Regardless it was nice to be able to play for a bit!

Yesterday was hot but if you weren’t in the sun it was lovely out.  We decided it would be a great time to grill and took full advantage of the nice weather to chill on the deck.

It was so pretty yesterday!  Scott got the grill going and Rocky monitored to make sure everything went according to plan.  We had lovely buffalo burgers and grilled squash!

Along with some homemade baked beans.  There’s also a bean combo mixed in with the buffalo burgers so it was a bean kinda night at the HQ.  My burger is resting on a thick slice of heirloom tomato and topped with some amazing Cabot aged Vermont Cheddar.

We had such a nice time sitting outside chatting and enjoying dinner.  We have been trying to get outside to eat more since the weather has been so pretty.  Sometimes when you can take time to sit outside for a minute and just soak up the outdoors, life becomes a little bit easier and a little less overwhelming.

We settled in for the night watching some TV and naturally being Sunday is was Holmes time!  Still just the one episode because of Design Star.  Booo.  But I will take what I can get!  If you thought there was no dessert, you would be wrong.

Eleven miles pretty much demands that you eat dessert. ;)

Wine of the night was a Vino Verde.  If you’ve never had this type of white wine before, try it!  It is amazing for summer! Very light and crisp.  You can see a peek of dessert in the back!

Dessert was a slice of heaven.  Vegan fruit tart and it was oh so good!  I almost went back for the last remaining piece!  But I went to bed instead. :D

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything special?

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  1. Wow, that vegan fruit tart is really sent from God! It looks and sounds incredible!!!! My sweet tooth goes insane over the summer because I can’t get enough of the fruit! Fruit desserts are my FAVORITE!

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