“Water, water.” “Roomservice, roomservice.”

Almost full beanage achieved

Hello my pretty little athletes!  How did we all do this past week with our training?

Don’t worry, that’s not my dog spazzing out, he’s just really excited in this picture and doing his happy dance. :cupidarrow: Life would be a little more fun if we all did happy dances don’t you think?

My week started off alright and then ended really well!  Monday I tried a new workout DVD and tried Jackie’s workout.  It was alright but not as intense as a Jillian workout.  I probably will have to consider upping the weights when I do that DVD again.  I did wake up sore the next day so I must have done something right!

Tuesday I needed a rest day like you can’t even imagine.  I was exhausted.  I didn’t do anything, not even Muay Thai.

Wednesday I kicked it for a shortie 3 miles.  It was very overcast when I woke up and it seemed like it was going to storm any second.  I waited it out and the weather cleared a little bit so I went out and was able to get in 3 before it got overcast again.

Thursday was a glorious 8 mile run! It was perfect! The weather was cool, my legs felt awesome, my pace was killer and just everything seemed totally ON.  I loved it and could have ran forever.  Conditioning class later made that one intense workout day.

Friday I took as a rest day.

Saturday, I was tired from a crap night of sleep so I just did some light weights at home.  I used my dumbbells and did various things along with squats, pushups, lunges, and some ab work.

Today I kicked out 11 miles for my long run.  It was another gorgeous morning here in the Midwest and I loved being outside.  I made sure that I was plenty hydrated!  I pounded the water all day yesterday and then put a waterbottle out in my driveway.  I completed my first 4.5 route and came in for some water.  After that I was able to finish my run without needing water but when I was done I drained that water bottle.  I took Rocks out for a walk before it got too hot outside.

Shoe News:

I went to the running store and tried on a pair of Adrenaline 10s without the flower pattern in the middle to see if those would fit any differently.  They felt the same as the flower version which means that the 10s are out for me.  The store didn’t have anymore 9s and I turned to online shopping to solve the problem.

It took me forever to find shoes! No one had Adrenalines 9 anymore and if they did, the size was ridiculous like a 3.  Um, right.  I finally found some (albeit a bit overpriced for a previous model shoe but what can you do?) and they had them in my size.

So I ordered 3 pairs of them.  Oh yes I did.  These shoes work for me and I want to make sure I’ve got backups as I try out other shoes.  I can’t wait till they get here!  For my 11 miles today I wore my old 9s and I’ll make the 10s generic workout shoes.  I’m not looking forward to finding new shoes though.  Running shoes aren’t cheap and aren’t really something you want to keep testing out.

I’m a stablity shoe girl and I sort of feel like we don’t have as many options as the neutral folks.  What kind of shoes do you wear?

8 thoughts on ““Water, water.” “Roomservice, roomservice.”

  1. I feel the same way regarding not having as many options as those who can wear neutral shoes. I wear Brooks Ariels which are great for my plantar fasciitis ridiculousness. I need to buy a back up pair sooner than later. They are awesome.

    I tried finding inexpensive running shoes (under $60) and there was NOTHING but neutral shoes. Lame.

    • Amanda, There are little spikey balls that you can buy to massage your foot? Have you seen them? They are totally recommended for plantar fascitis. We have one and I use it to massage my arches and it’s awesome!
      Heather, Yeah, the store I bought my shoes has a return policy as well. However I’ve already run through rain and mud. Plus my one shoe is now covered with blood thanks to the blister it gave me. I don’t think they want that back! Ha!
      Angela, I tried Amazon first but they didn’t have my size.
      Shylah, I can’t wear Skechers, for some reason they just don’t fit me right. I’m glad you found a pair of shoes that works for you though! That makes a huge difference.
      Lauren, yes! It was a definite surprise! :)

  2. Heather says:

    Mine are cushioning. Here if you buy from a store, as long as you were them on an indoor track or a treadmill, you can return them if they aren’t right. I find you can usually tell pretty quickly which shoe is going to work and which isn’t.

  3. Yanno, shoes have been on my short list lately because I’ve had an awful pain on the side of my foot for several weeks now. My doc said I needed good running shoes (even though my knee prevents me from running) so I got fitted at the Skechers store in San Francisco and bought a new pair. They’re about a half-size bigger than I’d like, but the pain in my foot is finally going away, so I’m not complaining.

  4. It always amazes me how when I try a new workout that I don’t think is that intense, I can feel it so much the next day. I love that! :)

    Great week girl. 11 miles! You go! :)

  5. I am happy you found some 9s! I wonder if the 11s will be like the 10s or 9s. I wear that shoe, as you know, but I think I need less stability.

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