Tuesday Tip: More cool treat ideas for your dog

With it being summertime, we have the chance to take the kids out and about more.  They get longer walks and more playtime.  The downside is that it is also hotter and just like us, our kids can get hot too.  They can overheat and get dehydrated.  We have to make sure that we pay attention to them to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Boxers and other dogs that tend to have more squishy faces (or brachycephalic dogs for you fancy folks) have slightly more trouble dealing with extreme temperatures than those dogs with longer snouts.  Here’s a link with more info, scroll down past the human examples.  If you have a dog that falls into this category, make sure you pay even more attention to how they are handling the heat because they are more likely to overheat and have breathing problems.

We have talked before about some cool doggie treats that you can make at home that are easy and inexpensive.  To add on to those treats, you can use unsweetened applesauce instead of plain unsweetened yogurt.   Just put in ice cube molds and freeze.  Your dog will love the cool treat!  Not only will they be eating a fruit instead of a baked treat, they will also be getting some fluids as well.  Especially great if they just got done playing or had a lovely walk.  You can buy unsweetened applesauce or make your own without adding sugar.

If you want to go all out, you can get some bone shaped ice cube trays!  Very cute and very doggie appropriate! There are two sizes, one for the smaller guys and one for the bigger guys.

If you do have a smaller dog who wouldn’t be able to handle the size of a full ice cube, only fill the slots about half way (or even less for the super tiny ones!).  That should give you a good size for your little kid.

Yeah I'm running..

As always, make sure your pets (this goes for kitties too!) have plenty of water during the day and free access to the water.  Occasionally go in and change the water throughout the day so they have fresh water.  Take water along on walks with you if you need to and make stops for them if you think they are getting tired.  Early morning and late evenings are good times for walks.  Early afternoon tends to be the hottest and your dog might not handle that so well.

Remember, if you wouldn’t run in it because you think it’s too hot, then your dog probably thinks it’s too hot as well.

Now, go make some cool treats for your doggie and get out there for some play time!  Enjoy your summer!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: More cool treat ideas for your dog

  1. Great tips!!! :)

    I worry about Daisy in the hot weather so we make sure to give her ice cubes to play with, always have a fan on for her, and to get her groomed often. She’s been rocking the puppy cut look lately but it keeps her happy.

    Happy Daisy = Happy Karen

  2. My dog comes and lets me know she wants to go outside. I open the door and step out to get the cable that hooks onto her collar. Then she sticks her nose out, says – nope still too hot, turns around and walks back inside.

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