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Kale Hi gang!  This is something that has been on my mind for a while because I’ve been sort of taking a look at my blog and seeing what areas need improvement.  One thing I would like to do is post more recipes!  Posting recipes is one of the main reasons I started OHC over a year ago (wow!).  My dilemma is how to approach the recipes and posting them, which is why I’m turning to you.

For those that develop and post their own recipes, what is your approach?  My inital thought was to try the recipe a few times before posting it here on OHC, however this has also proven to be my downfall.  I might try something new and love it, but then I won’t have it again for months or at all even!  So then the recipe never gets posted and I feel like that is such a loss because it was good one.

My other approach would be to post the recipe with the disclaimer that I’ve only made it once, this is what I did, and it turned out well.

How do you handle recipe posting?  Should it be something that has been tried and tried again before posting?  Or do you feel that, if it worked once, might as well share it?!

Being your everyday homecook, I’m always experimenting in the kitchen.  Especially now that we tend to eat a high veggie diet with the occasional meat tossed in here and there.  Since I’m always experimenting, repeat dishes sometimes don’t happen, and this is causing me to lean more towards posting right away when I have the opportunity.

I’ve also started posting more information about meals in my Daily Eats section.  For example on fish night, I now tend to give more info about how I made that fish for the evening.  Should I start making that a recipe inside the post so people could reference if it they wanted to?  The technique doesn’t vary but the seasonings/marinades do change often.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the subject!

14 thoughts on “Question regarding recipe developing and posting

  1. I jot down amounts and ingredients as I go along. If it turns out well enough to at least try to do a better version, I post it ASAP while the memory is fresh in my mind. I’ve had a few disasters, but those just make your readers giggle :D

  2. I rarely re-use recipes because there are so many different recipes and cuisines I like to cook. If it tastes good the first time, I post the recipe on my page. If it doesn’t, I don’t post until I have re-tested it and made sure it tastes good. I also like to go back on my website and look through old recipes and create different variations with similar ingredients.

  3. If I waited until perfection, I’d never post a single thing. I’m lucky to get a picture before it’s eaten. So, if I make something and we love it, I post it. If we don’t love it, I’m disappointed that I don’t have something decent to post. In other words, post away.

  4. I very rarely develop a totally original recipe (I do a lot of ‘inspired by’ and ‘adapted from’) so I feel comfortable posting it after the first time, provided it turned out well. Like many here, waiting until it’s fully perfected may mean a recipe never gets posted; in fact, I’ve put up some that could use a little more help and asked for advice on what others might do to improve it!

    I’d love to see your recipes!

  5. I rarely use recipes or post them. If I do post something of my own creation, it’s usually something I have made more than once. Often I forget to write down measures the first time so it has to be made again!

  6. I generally do a lot of inspired by and adapted from recipes. I, too, post them the first time I make them, because I also like to experiment and it really might be quite a while before it gets made again!

  7. I don’t have a problem with posting recipes I’ve only made once or trying them from others. Also, if you mention that it’s a first-time recipe, the feedback from others who make it can be invaluable.

  8. I don’t see anything wrong with posting a recipe on your blog if you’ve only made it once – unless you are writing a formal cookbook, chances are no one will spend the time to perfect a recipe over and over again. It’s fun to see people’s spur of the moment recipes, whether I use them as they are, or inspiration for another dish.

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