November 19th, 2009: Almost there

Hi gang!  Check out my snackies from last night.

Frozen grapes and tea

Some frozen grapes and tea while we kicked it on the couch.  Then I read in bed for a bit before calling it a night.  I felt so much better last night I wanted to run around the house rejoicing!

I had contemplated running this morning but sadly it was raining and so I just continued sleeping. :p  I got up at 7am, which is much earlier than I had been.  I took care of Rockmonster and immediately made some breakfast because I was starving.

Oats and juice

Pumpkin apple oats!  And some cranberry + OJ to wash it down.  I wanted coffee so much but we had a dentist appointment this morning and I don’t drink coffee before seeing the dentist.  No need to subject them to coffee breath!  Ew ew ew.  I blew through those oats like they were nothing.  I was hungry again by 10am. :o  But since we were going to the dentist, I wasn’t about to eat something else and have to clean my mouth all over again.

I focused on cleaning the kitchen and prepping some things for tonight’s dinner.  Then we were off!  Sadly my gums were a bit sensitive today so the cleaning seemed a little rougher than normal.  Ouch!  I wanted a salad for lunch but decided that a vinegar based dressing might irritate my gums more and I had no desire for a cream dressing.  Instead I had things to pick at!

Fruit and veggies

2 clemintines, carrots, and cucumbers.

crackers and hummus

Crackers and hummus.



  • 1C OJ
  • 1C Unsweetened cranberry juice
  • 1C Carrot juice
  • Purple kale
  • Frozen peaches
  • Frozen pineapple

Smoothie, fruit, veggies, crackers, hummus, and noodles

And a little bit of Pad Thai on the side.  Normally I wouldn’t even think about leftovers (as leftovers just aren’t really my gig unless it’s something I made) but since I was sick and had a few days of either not being able to eat or not eating much, I need to get those calories back.  I ate my Pad Thai cold because it was most delicious that way.

After lunch I walked my boy and then came home to be all domestic.  I cooked in the kitchen and prepped things the rest of the afternoon.  Evenutally I made it upstairs to take a bubble bath which was awesome, and then into my jammies!  I did not get to Muay Thai tonight but not without trying, I wanted to go but Scott put his foot down and said, “Nope, you need to still chill it for a bit.”

By this point it was time for dinner, and you all know what today is!


Pizza Thursday!  I finally have some spelt flour again so that was the crust base.  Love you spelt!


  • Spelt crust
  • A bit of spinach and sundried tomato pesto and pizza sauce
  • Pizza sauce all on Scott’s side
  • Shredded carrot
  • Red onion
  • Artichoke
  • Buffalo chicken sausage
  • Shredded moz and parm
  • Buffalo sauce on Scott’s side

His side has more meat on it (I tried to make that as clean as possible and that’s the best I could do. ;) ).


I started off with three slices thinking I wouldn’t even make it through that considering one of those slices is huge.

As if, I totally kicked all that and went in for another piece.  OH YEAH!

Now I’m off to spend time with my hunnies and maybe have a glass of wine.  Wheee!

Rocky My mush head totally crashed out under my desk this afternoon while I worked a bit. :cupidarrow:

4 thoughts on “November 19th, 2009: Almost there

  1. Ooh I haven’t had frozen grapes in a while! And pumpkin apple oats sound great–I always just have pumpkin oats or apple oats, but combining the two is an awesome idea :) Your pizza creations always look delicious!

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