Tuesday Tip: Time to start your holiday planning

gmail screenshot Hi gang!  I apologize in advance for the picture on the left, I thought it would have turned out a lot better than it did!  You can click on it though and see a larger image. :D

I realize that you probably are going to think I’ve dipped into the eggnog a bit on the early side but I assure you that is not the case.  Yes I am here to tell you that, like it or not, the holidays are upon us.  Once we hit September the rest of the year just flies on by, because of that, it’s time to start holiday planning.

No, I’m serious.  Listen friends, I’m already in the middle of planning a holiday party for November.  The reality is November isn’t that far away and to plan a holiday party means I need to be on it NOW.   Planning takes time and I am not a last-minute let’s-scramble-and-get-it-done kinda gal.

Perhaps you were aware of this character trait already?

Regardless, the holidays are a busy busy time.  Parties, meetings, get-togethers, dinners, it all starts happening right about now.  And if you’re traveling, even more planning needs to take place and start happening.

If you need some assistance, I recommend Google Calendar and I even think I talked about it last year.  Oh yes, here! :D   Google Calendar is amazing, especially since you can share calendars with other people.  You can create many different calendars for different activities, which you can see an example of some of mine if you click the link.

You can usually sync this with your phone as well if your phone has a calendar app.  This is a great feature!  With more and more people using Smartphones and iPhones, having your calendar within very easy access helps keep you on track and plan other appointments because you can check and cross-reference dates.  Or easily add an event right to the calendar via your phone.  I also have my phone set up to send me alerts when something in my calendar is coming up.  You can configure Google Calendar to send you email reminders about upcoming events as well.


I am a calendar fanatic.  I must have a calendar within a glance at all times.  I like month views, not daily views.  Month views give me a better sense and grasp on how to plan and how my schedule is going.

This really isn’t a advert for Google Calendar, but I do urge you to try it out!  ;)  Really I’m here to tell you that — don’t fight it — the holidays are here and to make things run a bit smoother start planning and organizing now.  It will save you stress and headaches later!  This way you can enjoy the eggnog and punch because it’s tasty, not as a tool to help you cope with the stress of just now realizing you have three parties to attend that night!  With four more the following week!

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: Time to start your holiday planning

  1. I like your calendar pic!! I use Google calendar for everything, and it is automatically synced with my Android phone — no actually work required on my part.

    But mostly I wanted to say: Don’t you just love the sports calendars? I love having every Kings game show up on my schedule!

    • Jenn, oh that’s right, I forgot you had that phone! Very handy! And yes I adore the sports calendars! This was new to me this year and I squeed with joy when I saw it! Hooray! We also have the schedule printed out and hanging on the fridge so we can keep track of scores. :p

  2. Ha, I had to laugh at the part where you said you may have dipped into the eggnog a bit early!

    I need to manage my inbox in gmail – I have 800+ emails and they are mostly junk! :D

    Happy Friday!

  3. It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again! You are smart to get organized now. I’m going out of town for the holidays, which reminds me I should probably start shopping for tickets and doggy day care now or I’m screwed!

    Merry Christmas!

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