October 10th, 2009: new fangled thing

Hi gang!  Last night Scott and I hung out on the couch watching the game and snacking.

PB cookies Red wine

Red wine and then I had three PB cookies! :O  Love them!  They are cookies I made a few weeks ago and leftovers had been stashed in the freezer.  Perfect for pulling out when a bedtime snack is in order.  The Pens played the Flyers Thursday night and I have to say, Flyers fans are such buttheads.  They spend all their energy yelling “Crosby Sucks” (Crosby is the Pens captain) instead of just cheering on their team.  Just an FYI, yelling “Crosby Sucks” tends to be less effective when your team just put the puck in their own net.  Perhaps you should rethink your strategy.

I headed up to bed at 11pm and promptly passed out.  I didn’t think we would be going to MT this morning, since Scott while better is just shy of being 100% so I had visions of a light run this AM.  However I slept until 8am and while still technically “early” it’s late for me to go on a run.  I just kicked it in my office and finally got caught up on a lot of emails that needed to go out.


I spent a little over two hours responding to emails, I kid you not. :D  I had a bunch of people to get back to or in touch with!  And I hate writing chumpy emails that only say a few things like, “Oh hey thanks!”  I at least want to have a conversation with someone.

Going on 10:30, I got Scott up for the day and made some breakfast.


Fall Festival oats!  Basic oats with a little pumpkin added in and a huge apple tossed in at the end to get warm but not cooked.  Divine!  I am seriously loving the apples added to oats and oatbran.  I also added in a bit of Brewer’s yeast to the oats.  Couldn’t taste it at all so it might become a new addition to the breakfast routine.

Here’s a link about Brewer’s yeast.  It has all this great stuff but I did just read that it’s actually a fungus found on beets and another plant, and that those allergic to mold and penicillin should be cautious.  I’m allergic to penicillin so I’ll keep an eye out if I have any side effects.

I’ve actually been purchasing brewer’s yeast for years as a supplement for Rocky.  He’s gets all the same benefits from it as humans, plus it helps keep fleas and buggies away because they don’t like it.  Although in general fleas are not attracted to healthy animals (cats and dogs) and a healthy animal starts with a healthy diet. :D /soapbox

After breakfast it was a little more office work.  Scott was helping me get a Twitter client to work on my desktop.  Since my desktop is a Linux machine, I don’t have access to a lot of the more popular Twitter clients.  And while Linux has some available, not all of them have everything I need.  And to further compound the issue, since my machine is new (Scott built it), my new processor doesn’t support Adobe Air, therefore things like TweetDeck and Twhirl are out.  I know, totally boring tech talk but it’s part of my day so nayah!

Then we broke to take Rocky for a walk and it was gorgeous outside!  Cool and sunny, beautiful!  After that it was time for some lunch.


Simple salad:

  • Mixed greens
  • Cucumber
  • Red onion
  • Leftover salmon

Drizzled wtih the last of my balsamic (GASP!) and olive oil.


New smoothie!

  • 1C Van soymilk
  • 1C US cranberry juice
  • 1C water
  • 1 packet chocolate Amazing grass
  • Wee bit of spinach
  • Frozen banana
  • Frozen peaches

So so good!  The chocolate flavor is so much better than the original.  I have to say the original is pretty nasty tasting.  Ew.  Chocolate is awesome!

Brussel spouts and parsnips

Leftover parsnip and brussel sprouts.

Smoothie, salad, and veggies

I’m also out of fresh fruit so I was missing that from my lunch today.  Boo!  Otherwise lunch was pretty tasty!

I did some laundry and some more office things.  It’s crazy how much I have to do but with the blog and helping out with SF school stuff, I’ve got a lot on my plate right now.  That doesn’t even factor in gearing up for my trip and also work.


I am becoming more and more organized though.  G-cal is a god send.  Labeling and color-coding my inbox is awesome sauce.  Slowly configuring my new phone to be more like my assistant is working out well.  It’s coming together!  Because I’ve never before depended on technology to help me stay organized, most of this stuff is all new to me.  Now I’m seeing how helpful and amazing it can be.  YaY!  I still have paper calendars for backup though.  A habit I can’t break at the moment. :p

Scott put together new bookshelves and I worked on a flyer for an upcoming holiday party.  It’s not that far away but I still am having trouble wrapping my head around the concept of a holiday party already!

Then I got up to make some supper.

Shrimp and scallops

Easy sauteed shrimp and scallops.

Rice with veggies

Yesterday’s rice mixed with:

  • Pinto beans
  • Red onion
  • Carrot
  • Cubanelle pepper
  • Jalapeno chicken sausage

Seafood and rice

Easy dinner!  We watched a bit of the hockey game while eating.

I don’t know if my body is trying to fight what Scott had or what.  But by the evening I am dragging big time and sooooo very tired.  All I want to do is curl up and sleep sleep sleep. :p  I’m going to make some tea and finish off the game.  Till tomorrow loves!

5 thoughts on “October 10th, 2009: new fangled thing

  1. Hope you feel better and don’t end up sick!

    I think that’s great that you reply to emails in detail. I’m so short with my responses and I should slow down and actually make it a conversation. Thanks for reminding me of that! :)

  2. “Just an FYI, yelling “Crosby Sucks” tends to be less effective when your team just put the puck in their own net. ”

    I almost spit my smoothie all over my screen.

    • LG, if I can make someone snort, then it’s been a good day. :D

      Amanda, Windows drives me bonkers and I don’t want to worry about viruses. Apple, while solid, tends to also get on my nerves. Plus Apple puts limits on me as a user and on my machine that I don’t appreciate. With Linux, I can do whatever I want, have a stable machine, and not worry about viruses. That said, if it wasn’t for my husband, I wouldn’t be able to run Linux myself because it’s a bit complicated getting things set up and configured. If it was just me, I sadly would probably just stick with Apple. Probably a little more than you wanted to know. :lol:

  3. Runtothefinish says:

    Ok I so agree about actually responding to emails and that is sort of how ifeel about commenting… I like more than the two word statements .

    Question: why the Linux system?

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