Just Trying to Be Me

MeHi guys!  I wanted to talk to you for a minute about me and OHC and sort of my journey to my current writing style.

First a little bit about me:

  • I am a total goofball but even more so once I get to know you better and feel comfortable around you.
  • I love inappropriate humor.
  • I swear a lot.  No, really I do.
  • I’m a firm believer that in order to get respect you have to give it as well.
  • If I like you, I will try my hardest to let you know that as often as I can.
  • It takes me a while to trust people because so many people have shit on my head in the past but once I do, I’ve got your back.
  • Yes I’m a girl and I fart.  A lot.  Just ask Scott because in order to break up the monotony of the work day (we share an office) we hold contests.  It’s one of many contests we do and I’ll spare you some of the others.
  • I like to talk if I feel comfortable in the setting and I love making people laugh.  I usually make some sort of joke or sarcastic comment during the majority of a conversation.
  • I hate labels, mostly because I don’t fit into any type of box, structure, or stereotype.
  • Except that I’m Polish and you will have to pry the kielbasa out of my cold dead hands before I will give it up.
  • MeI don’t usually wear makeup and am just now getting to the point where posting a picture of me that way is becoming easier.
  • I mentioned that I’m silly, right?

I seriously could go on and on but I’m just trying to give you a starting point, a foundation if you will, on the basics of me.

When I first started this blog and was writing my daily eats entries, I was so reserved it wasn’t funny.  The other food blogs I saw were happy go-lucky, rainbows, and puppies all the time.  This is what I thought the foodie blogworld liked.  This is what I thought they wanted.

This is not me at all.  I’m not saying I’m all emo angsty, it’s just that I like keeping things a little more “real”.  Showing the realistic side of life and not just the happy-shit-grin side.

In the beginning, the only time my real humor sort of came out was when I was wrote review posts and sometimes the Tuesday Tip posts.  For some reason I felt that maybe my style of humor was only acceptable in those type of posts.  I have no idea why I thought this, but there it is.

Then I stumbled on a few blogs that made me realize that humor was acceptable.  These folks talked smack!  And I don’t mean that in the sense that they trash talked others, I just mean they were full of inappropriate humor, life, and just shiz.

To me these were some very real-life foodie blogs and I thanked the baby jeebus for stumbling across these blogs.  They helped me realize that there are others out there like me and whose humor is like mine!  Hopefully they know who they are. :)

Me off balance These blogs helped me understand that I need to get over it and be myself already.  Before I was afraid because part of the reason I started this blog was to make connections with others, but I’m so used to people being turned off by my personality (no seriously, most peeps just don’t get me and therefore can’t handle my personality) that I figured it would be the same way in the blogsphere.

However, in real life I don’t give a flip what someone thinks about me.  If you like me, awesome!  Let’s be friends!  If you don’t like me, whatever, and I move on.  I don’t stress about it.

I needed to apply my same real world rule to the blog world.  It was an Aha! moment for me.  Why it took me so long, I don’t know.  Perhaps I just needed the time to get comfortable in this new skin called Off Her Cork.

For those that have been around since the beginning, you have probably noticed that my style of writing my daily eats has dramatically changed.  Scott likes to call them my crackhead posts, and he means that in as sincere a way as possible when calling someone a crackhead.  He means they are funny.  He means they are me.

Pure and simple, my posts and my writing style have become more me.  I have realized that either you will like me and my blog or you won’t.

I’m not going to cover up who I am anymore nor am I going to try to hold back in my writing.  Does that mean you can now expect the f-bomb to be dropped a lot?  No, just more of what you’ve been seeing, the goofy stuff, the inappropriate humor, me and my huge Polish schnoz nose makeup-less.

More of me just trying to be me.

22 thoughts on “Just Trying to Be Me

    • Mara, And doesn’t that just become silly at a point? It’s like, “Okay, no one is that happy about ground flax all of the time!” Enough unicorns and sparkles! Give me the real deal!

      Mama Pea, I totally get that! I am a lot more myself on the blog too and can be reserved in real life. I am also hesitant to share my blog with some real life peeps, even though I really don’t have anything to hide. It’s sort of like a boundary thing I’m nervous about crossing. And can I tell you that P-town is totally on our list of potential places to move? For reals!

      Diana, totally relate! I’ve had people call me “intense” and I’m like, “What does that even mean?!” I’m glad we have some things in common! *hifive*

      Yasmin, thank you sister! :D

      Heather, you do know me! :p

      Allijag, we are totally related, I’m pretty sure of it.

      Rose, *smooches* Thank you so much! I definitely consider you a friend as well! I am going to embrace the cartwheels! Whooo!

      Sarah, Thank you girlie! :D

  1. Do you want a know what a complete dork I am? I’m teary right now. Because I SOOOO get what you are saying. The ironic thing is, I’m so much more myself on my blog than I am in person, so much so that I was hesitant to share my blog with a lot of people that know me. But now that I’ve gotten so much acceptance for who I am, it has given me more courage to be true to myself all of the time, and not care. If someone doesn’t like me, I always can say, “Yeah well, 100 strangers on the internet like me, so there!”

    You need to move. HERE. We can fart and swear together and then you can teach me how to kick a would be attackers ass. That could come in handy for those times when someone doesn’t like me too.

    I’m so excited to get to know YOU more!!!

  2. I love this post eheh Especially because, uh, we have a lot of things in common ahah I was reading the first paragraphs and going “check. check. check.” because they apply to me.

    Some people think I’m a very serious person. I CAN be but most times I’m just not comfortable therefore I’m quiet. Other people think I’m arrogant, which is interesting.

    I’m still not very comfortable in my blog, “being me” like you said. But I know I’ll get there. :)

  3. I love this post my dear! And I love the way you are YOU! :) I can absolutely related to so much! And if you move out to Mama Pea – can you stow me in your bag so i can come too? :)

    Can’t wait to hang in SF! :)

  4. I love how for real you are! We would totally be friends in the real life; I know that.

    On the subject of being funny – I commend you for having the ability to let it all out on your blog. I feel like people often have trouble conveying their true personalities through words on a screen. You can always spot a good writer by the way they embrace an individual style and stick with it. (i.e. you :)

    High fives! Cart wheels! And back flips!

  5. Great post! You are too funny!

    I to food blog because I love recipes and wanted to share my enthusiasm with the world. I hope that I add a little of myself but sometimes I feel bland. Thanks for making me think about what I write.

  6. Oh man A i feel like we go way back!! :D I love that you keeps it rull, bc i obviously love the sunshine and roses bloggers too, but seriously some days i’m like UGH life sucks I need chocolate is it just me!!?? It’s totally not just me :D

  7. I’m hungarian – and we eat kolbasz, or we used to where I grew up in Queens. Kielbasa is a good substitute, but doesn’t give you gas for a week like kolbasz does. You ought to try it. Your husband wouldn’t survive the blast.

  8. Loved this post Andrea! I agree that when I first started reading food blogs, while I liked the recipes, ideas, etc., I gravitated to blogs that had PERSONALITY! You, my dear, have a great personality and I am glad you are finally going to let it shine!

    My family burps out loud (made me think of it when you said you fart!). One time, I was with my daughter at Hobby Lobby, I let the best burp out of my life and I turned to my daughter to get kudos – and it was a total stranger standing next to me!

    We laughed about that for hours afterwards!

  9. I have been following you since the first blog. You inspire me and I think of you as my “friend”. I needed you today when I was having a guilt crisis.
    Your humor makes me laugh. I wish I lived closer to you so we could hang out.

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