Tuesday Tip: These are the people in your neighborhood

My running shoesHi gang!  I hope you aren’t sick of seeing my shoes on display.  It makes for a nice picture when I’m talking about outdoor activities.

If you are a frequent flier here at OHC then you know that I run.  A lot.  And I walk my dog, all around my neighborhood.  I’m usually out in the morning running my little hiney off as people are heading off to work or just getting up to start their day.

The thing about routines is that you tend to see other people doing their routines as well.  When you do it often, seeing your neighbor walk his mail out and passing that lady who power walks with her dog becomes familiar.  Almost expected.

Then you get to a point where perhaps you acknowledge each other with a wave or “Good Morning!”  I am here to tell you that this is an excellent step in the right direction.

My tip to you is to take that even farther and introduce yourself to those that you see every time you are out doing your routine.  Why?


If you know anything about me, you will know that self-defense is a huge part of my life.  I live it, breathe it, and believe in it.  But self-defense isn’t only knowing how to throw out a judo chop or a nice kick to the shin.

It’s about being aware of your surroundings as well.  When you speak to someone or acknowledge them, you are making a connection.  No it’s not a deep or meaningful friendship for life kind of thing.  It’s just a, basic “Oh hey, yeah that’s Jan and she walks her dog right about now.  Hey girl!”

Acknowledging people helps you become more aware of your surroundings and who’s out doing what.  And this goes for everywhere you frequent.  Maybe you don’t run/walk around your neighborhood but on a trail.  No matter, you are going to start seeing familiar faces.  Take a second and introduce yourself.

For example:

“Hi!  We see each other everyday, so I thought I would just introduce myself.  I’m Andrea.”

To provide another perspective, the more you talk and acknowledge others while you are out doing your thing, the less appealing you are as a target.

A “target” is someone who is viewed as being an easy mark.  Example:  someone walking down the street chatting on their phone and the next thing they know they are being mugged.  Talking on the phone is a distraction that makes them an easy target because they aren’t paying attention to their surroundings.

People who are frequently interacting with others around them are a less desirable target. Why?  Because they know people and people know them.  You become too much of a risk because either there is the chance that someone you know will walk up on you or someone will be missing you if you don’t run/walk/whatever by them by a certain time.

The truth of the matter is, in this day and age we really can’t be too careful.  Take an extra minute during your routines to introduce yourself and make a connection with someone.  You will not only be protecting yourself, but also extending that to the people around you.

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