Review: Kettle Brand Baked Aged White Cheddar Chips

Aged White Cheddar

Aged White Cheddar

On a whim, a total impulsive buy, I purchased these chips.  I was at Whole Foods minding my own business and knowing full well I had no need for going down the chip aisle when I was stopped in my tracks.  I didn’t need to go down that aisle at all because Whole Foods decided to bring the chips to me!  Right smack at the end of the aisle were these chips.

And I bought them.  Oh I had reservations.  Baked chips?  We’ll see.  Because honestly, most of us know baked chips as what?  Those Lay’s Baked Potato Chip monstrosities.  They aren’t chips at all but some sort of potato concoction in really odd non-bite sized shapes.  And they leave a weird chalky sort of texture and aftertaste in your mouth.  Whatever, don’t even front and act like you don’t know what I mean.

So I put these chips in the cart and cursed my PMS for causing my chip-free world to spin into chaos.  I haven’t had chips in ages.  They are a bit greasy for me and I just don’t dig them.  But Patty PMS said we needed chips because we needed some salt and get over yourself Andrea and buy some damn chips.

Flipping Patty.

munch munch

munch munch

And when I got home and started making dinner I opened this bag of chips to munch on while I cooked.  This is where Patty PMS can actually come in handy at times.  Because I end up trying products I otherwise would have passed up.

First of all, just look at them.  They look like actual chips!  Sliced potatoes turned into crispy golden chips.  Take note, Lay’s.  These chips were light and airy without the heaviness of grease from being fried.

The cheddar flavor is subtle and hits you at the end.  These chips are different but different in a good way.  Your first taste is, “Oh these are interesting.”  Which quickly changes to, “Oh wow, these are really good!  Baked chips, you say?”  My husband also likes them and finds the taste and texture right on the money.

Kettle Brand has different flavors of their baked chips out as well, but the cheddar just happened to be calling to Patty at the time.  I will definitely be on the look out for more of these chips so I can try some of the different flavors.

I’m always honest and up front with you guys when doing reviews and I seriously dig these chips.  If you’re looking for a healthier potato chip considering giving these a try the next time you’re at the grocery store.  All the flavor of a chip minus the yuckiness of the grease.  I’d call that a win!

9 thoughts on “Review: Kettle Brand Baked Aged White Cheddar Chips

  1. I love the Kettle chips, have to hold back whenever we visit Whole Foods or TJs. But the baked ones sound intriguing, we’ll have to give them a try.

  2. I’m not a big chip fan (I’m a sweet snacker), but these definitely look better than typical baked chips. I’ll have to try them when I get my next random craving. :)

  3. I tried one of their baked chips and I have to admit that I didn’t care for it — it left a greasy film on the roof of my mouth :( Maybe the cheddar would be better? I do like Baked Cheetos, though.

  4. was looking for chip coupons and came across your entry. i expect baked chips to be vile, usually, but after reading this review i’m anxious to give them a try!

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