January 13th, 2009: Dinner

Before MT:

1/2 maple nut clif

1/2 maple nut clif

After MT:

Setting: In the car driving home

Me: We’re having leftover veggie chili that I pulled from the freezer for dinner tonight.

Scott: Okay.

Me: Okay.

Scott: But?

Me: But that’s not what I want.

Scott: What do you want?

Me: I want junk.

Scott: What kind of junk?

Me: I want butternut squash fries and a riblet.  With a beer.

Scott: We can have that for dinner.  That’s not junk.

Me: Hooray! (I actually do say “hooray” and “woot” in real life.)

junk food

junk food

And there you have it guys, my junk dinner.  My PMS is in full force this month.  Which is surprising because it had been pretty dormant for a while.  Yes I might have a craving here or there but this month I want to eat everything in my path.  I’m trying very hard not to though! :p

Also as the food was heating up, I had one tortilla with a scoop of dilly dip (made from yogurt).

yum yum

yum yum

Now I’m off to sit back down on the couch with Scott and finish 24 from Sunday night.  I may go supa crazy and spilt another beer with him!  See you guys tomorrow!

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