Review: Leinenkugel’s Fireside Nut Brown

Fireside Nut Brown

Fireside Nut Brown

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, I only like two categories: beer and wine.

With wine, I’ll drink whatever you throw at me. With beer, I’m a little more picky. I like darker beers and I do not dig on wheat beers (of course there are exceptions). I never drink a light beer because I might as well just drink water. And I don’t drink cheap beer. I will try everything at least once, maybe twice, just so I can be certain in my opinion. Really when I break it down, it doesn’t seem too picky. Right?

I am a sucker for seasonal beers and I’m a sucker for flavored beers. I will head straight toward them like a moth to a flame.

My love for trying seasonal items explains why I have this Fireside Nut Brown by Leinenkugel’s in my possession. As I was perusing the beer aisle at my local grocery store (Thank you Ohio for allowing us to buy beer at the grocery store!) my eye fell up on this. I have had some Leinenkugel’s beers in the past and they have been good beers. The description of this beer talked about sitting by a fireside on a cold night and warming up with this beer. You had me at fireside, Leinenkugel’s! I picked up a sixer and was on my way.

Rich dark coloring

Rich dark coloring

The first time I tried this beer I was in love. The flavor doesn’t hit you right away, it’s very subtle and at the end. There is a nice caramel flavor with a punch of roasted nuts. But it’s not a fake nut taste, you know how nut flavored coffees or creamers can have a really nasty fake flavor. This has none of that. It’s a good hearty beer while at the same time not being overwhelming or too pungent.  This has the perfect beer flavor, full bodied with a touch of sweetness at the end.

The color of the beer is an amazing dark amber color. I think if you served this at a party in some nice frosted glasses, the recipients would be very impressed. I would be impressed if someone gave this to me!

This easily has become a favorite beer of mine and sadly I only have one left in the fridge. I will be going to the grocery store soon and I have already informed Scott that we need to stock up on some of this. He wisely did not protest.

Guys, if you like beer and you can dig on trying some different flavors, I would highly suggest trying this out. The beer is amazing and is perfect for holiday parties or just kicking it back at home. It has a short seasonal run, only available November through December (Why must you torture me so Leinenkugel’s?!), so pick some up while you can and give it a taste.

3 thoughts on “Review: Leinenkugel’s Fireside Nut Brown

  1. Sounds pretty decent, might try picking it up if they have it at TJs. Have you tried either honey beer or pumpkin ale? i think it’s also seasonal. Pumpkin ale is really interesting, tastes like a pumpkin pie – it’s one of those things where you’re not sure if you like it but it tastes so weird that you keep drinking it, and then you can’t stop drinking it… the beer itself little “light” though, so you might not like it.

  2. Bryan, I love pumpkin beer! Depending on who makes it, it can be a darker beer. My current fav is Buffalo Bill’s pumpkin ale. I would be willing to try others if they came my way (wink wink brew masters!).

  3. Thanks for the review – that sounds awesome!

    And I’m totally with you on the wine – I’ll drink whatever I’m given – man do I love wine! :) Obviously we agree on that point – look at our blog names!

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