Leopold Bros. Rocky Mountain Peach Whiskey

Leopold Brothers Peach WhiskeyTaking a break from all of the house talk to discuss some food.

Well drinks.

The more we live in Fort Collins the more we get exposed to amazing local resources.  Some right here in town and some from other parts of Colorado.

I feel amazingly lucky to live here and have access to the wide variety of things.

Micro-distilleries are becoming more popular and are popping up with more frequency.

Something that caught my eye recently is this Rocky Mountain Peach Whiskey by Leopold Bros.

Peaches from Colorado are pretty freaking amazing.  As in, probably would be one of the best peaches you have ever eaten. Georgia peaches are like Colorado peach’s little cousin.

For serious.

And since I love Colorado peaches and I adore whiskey, well this was a no brainer.

This stuff is pretty spectacular.  The proof is 30% so it’s not going to knock you on your ass.  It has strong peach flavor and is sweet and goes down smooth.

You can drink it straight with an ice cube for a slight chill or you can mix it.

Or you can cook with it.

I’ve done all of those things and have some recipes coming soon!

If you can find this stuff in your area, snag it up and give it a taste.  It’s that good!


Disclaimer: I bought this on my own with Scott’s money. I was not asked to write this post as Leopold Bros. has no idea that I even exist. I just like it.

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