Thanksgiving 2012

We’re back after a few days off for the holiday!  As you can see, our Thanksgiving tends to be pretty laid back.

Sweats or jammies are the dress-code and a MUST.  If you show up in anything other than elastic waist pants, you’ll be turned away at the door until you are properly outfitted.

We did some new things this year for Thanksgiving as we adjusted to our new space.  My overall approach, simple and stress-free, stayed the same though.

Normally I run on Thanksgiving morning but this year I decided not to.  I did get up early and start things moving along.

I did not go all out with decorations because the thought of unpacking another box was very unappealing.  I managed to pull out a few things to make the table a little festive though.

I also bought some super cute owl clips from World Market (not an affiliate link) and clipped those to the garland on the table.

The turkey turned out beautifully! And no, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  I broke the turkey into quarters and roasted it that way this year.  I did things a little differently with the turkey, which I’ll talk about in another post.

We always have wine with Thanksgiving dinner and keep things simple with a nice Pinot Grigio.

For dinner, we had stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey (clearly), and collard greens.  Along with some amazing gravy to go with everything!

We hung out, ate some great food, and gamed our little hearts out.  Perfect holiday!

Our Thanksgiving definitely had a theme to it this year which can be summed up in one word: Lard.

Oh yes.  But we’ll chat about that later.

How was your Thanksgiving this year?

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2012

  1. Monica says:

    Survived! Family (his) on Wednesday night (turkey and all the sides). Cracker Barrel on Thursday. Friday I made ham and a few sides. Sunday I cleaned out the fridge and tonight is chili. Glad to have things “back to normal”. Can’t wait to hear about your turkey!

  2. Nicole says:

    I should have roasted my turkey like that. Despite multiple temperature readings in various places and the juices running clear where I poked it, as we got to the bottom of the bird while carving, we found the bottom hadn’t finished cooking. The breast meat was delicious, though! I brined the turkey and stuffed butter chunks under the skin to get a nice crackly skin. Overall the meal was a success despite the turkey setback.

    I wish I’d taken a photo of what I brined the turkey in- it was highly amusing. Since my fridge is so narrow and it wasn’t cold enough to put the bird in the garage, I had to put it in a plastic storage drawer because it was the largest thing that fit in the fridge.

    • Nicole, I’ve had that happen to me before as well. Since that meat was for leftovers and would be heated again, I didn’t stress too much over it. The other parts were cooked and no one got sick, right? You’re golden!

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