Fort Collins Turkey Sources

Thanksgiving is next week and if you’re a turkey lovin’ family you going to want to place that order for a turkey STAT!

Because I love food and Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, I’ve been searching for turkeys since we stepped foot in Fort Collins a few months ago.

I’m a planner folks!

I’ve found a few resources so far that can handle your turkey needs but you’re going to need to move quick in order to be ready for the big day.

Choice City Butcher has all natural turkeys along with Turduckens (if that’s how you like to roll).  Their Facebook page says they only have 10 turkeys left so give them a call to see what’s available.

Local Harvest will let you search for turkeys available around Fort Collins.

Jodar Farms has turkeys available this year as well.  This is where I purchased my turkey from and am looking forward to picking that up soon!  Call or email (info on the website) Aaron to ask him about placing a turkey order.

These are the three resources I’ve found in the short time that I’ve been here.  I’m sure there are more and by next year I hope to have a bigger list to share with you!

Have you purchased your turkey yet?

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