Farmer’s Market Love

One of the things that I’m loving about Fort Collins is all the farmer’s markets that are around town.

There are weekday farmer’s markets and several markets on the weekends.

I’ve been going to them since we arrived in September and I’m head-over-heels about it.

Having so many farmer’s markets easily accessible and having so much variety is a new experience for me.  I’m blown away by all of the vendors and the products that are offered up on a weekly basis.

Milk, eggs, meat, poultry, fresh roasted coffee, and veggies are just a few things I can purchase at the market.  There’s fresh mushrooms, tamales, pastries, and even some on site roasted chilies. The smell of roasted chilies early in the morning is a great way to be greeted!

Even though it’s November, markets are still going strong!  The Fort Collins Farmer’s Market is still open on Sundays and will be open until November 25th. The Larimer County Market increased their season this year, starting in May and ending on the last Saturday in October.

There’s a winter market here as well that starts this weekend and runs until April.

I am very thankful that the markets are so abundant here.  They are very easy to get to and very accessible. Some are so close that if we had bikes, we could bike to the market!

There is so much variety available at the markets that the need to go to the grocery store has been cut dramatically.  I still have to make the occasional stop but only for a few items and only every so often.

This is a whole new experience for me and I’m loving it!

How are the farmer’s markets where you live?  Do you have a winter market as well?

2 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Love

  1. I would say that from June-Oct, 90% of my groceries come from the farmers markets here in the Cbus area (mainly, Worthington on the weekends and Dublin or Hilliard if I needed a mid-week stop), and Worthington is year-round (and MUCH bigger for this winter than previously!). After visiting markets in several other cities, I’ve always felt we have it pretty good here as far as variety of and access to local foods at markets.

    Do you really think the Ft. Collins farmers market experience is that much better? (I’m not trying to sound snotty or defensive here, I promise, just curious!)

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