Brining 101

Are you going to be brining your turkey this year for Thanksgiving?

Is this your first time brining a turkey?  If you know anything at all about this blog then you know that we are all about the brine here!

If you’re brining a turkey for the first time then this post on Brining A Whole Turkey is for you!

Here are two additional articles that provide tips for brining:

Don’t worry, these tips and suggestions don’t apply to just turkey.  You can brine chicken and pork as well!
Here’s a Tequila Brined Chicken and Cider and Beer Brined Chops to give you an idea of how to brine other items.

Last year for Thanksgiving we had a Bourbon Brined Turkey and this year we’re having that again!  I’m going to up the bourbon to 1C and add a little more jalapeno peppers in for some kick.

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