My word of the year for this year is Explore.

I admit that I picked this word on purpose because I knew we would be moving at some point.

However it also resonated with me because not only do I want to explore more with cooking and food prep, but I want to travel more.

Scott and I made a pact with each other that once we were moved we would make it a point to travel.

So far we’ve followed through!  Not long after we arrived in Fort Collins we took off to Cheyenne for a few days.

Then most recently we headed down to New Mexico for several days of exploring and balloon watching.

A road trip across the country and two road trips following that, Scott and I have fallen into a routine.

There’s no set agenda.  We like driving around (or walking around if the area is walkable) and seeing what different areas look like and have to offer.

We always look for local breweries and try to visit.  In Cheyenne we visited two (One I talked about) and in Albuquerque we visited three.

Dinner we always play by ear. We never know when we’ll be ready for dinner and in what part of the area we’ll be in.  So when dinner rolls around, we’ll pull over and look for something nearby via Yelp or Trip Advisor.

If breakfast isn’t served at the hotel, then we’ll research that ahead of time to make plans.

If the hotel has a bar, we try to at least have one drink there.

Road trips are fun but I’m ready to go to the next level and fly off to a destination!  Can you believe that Scott and I have never flown somewhere together before?  Each plane trip has been a solo adventure to meet up with friends or work related functions.  Next year for sure we’re flying off on vacation!


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