Embracing Life

I’ve been thinking about the blog a lot lately and what changes I want to make to it. Not only to make it better but so that it also reflects more accurately where I am in life.

The tagline for my blog:

Embrace Food, Embrace Life

Talks about two parts; food and life.

But I really only talk about food and have been focusing more on the food blogging aspect.  It’s time to start talking about the other half, Life.

Nothing off the wall but discussing more about how we choose to live our lives and the things we are up to.

The past few years, Scott and I have been lucky to have a very rich and fulfilling life.  And we’ve been exposed to many things that I now want to incorporate into our life some how.

A lot of that has to do with food and resources for food.  Food, because I love all aspects of it, will be a huge part of our lives and a huge part of this website.

But as I learn more about homesteading and start experimenting with that, I want to have an outlet to share that journey.

We may get another house at some point, one where we would be doing a lot of DIY things.  This would be new for us and I want to be able to have a space to share that.

Plus we have a brand new city that we are exploring and getting comfortable in.  I really want to be able to share and discuss that.

There will definitely be more “Life” posts that start trickling in.  Food posts and recipes won’t ever go away, I love cooking too much to not talk about it!

But I need to stop ignoring that second half of my tagline and start Embracing Life more.

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