Using A Blender To Make Gravy

Gravy.  There’s really not a whole bunch more that can be said about its awesomeness.  We love gravy, everything from sausage gravy to gravy for roasted meats.

And you can’t even have Thanksgiving without gravy.

No really, it’s true.  Thanksgiving without gravy isn’t Thanksgiving, it’s just Thursday.

You can look that up.

As much as I love homemade gravy sometimes I get a little impatient while making it.  First you have to make the roux (fat + flour = roux) and wait for that to get a nice caramel color to it.  Then you can start adding in the liquid slowly stirring constantly so no lumps form.  Then you let that simmer to thicken up a bit and then finally, finally, you can serve it up.

Sometimes I don’t want to want that long and I just want to go straight to faceplanting into some gravy.

We’ve all been there.

While I haven’t fully got the gravy making part down to mere seconds, I have decreased the time required by a significant amount.

I introduced my blender to making gravy and now I don’t think I’ll make gravy without it.  Unless forced at will to do so, which I hope I’m not in that type of position.

The concept is pretty simple, I basically just dump everything in the blender and let it blend away till everything is smooth.  Then it gets poured into a sauce pan and cooked on the stove till it thickens.

I always use onions and carrots in with a roast, no matter if it’s beef or poultry, so those get added to the blender as well.

Blender Gravy:
What you’ll need:

  • Extra stock for the gravy
  • Juice from the roasting pan (you can remove some of the fat if you like)
  • Some roasted onions
  • Some roasted carrots (not too many or the gravy will become sweet)
  • Roasted garlic if there is some
  • Flour (either All-Purpose or White Whole Wheat)
  • Extra seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic powder, poultry seasoning etc)

Add in a few pieces of the roasted onions and carrots, along with the garlic.  You don’t need a lot, about 3-4 onion pieces and 1-2 carrot pieces.  We like garlic so I add 2 cloves.

Add in the juice from the roasting pan (or from the slow cooker if you used that method).

Add in the flour, usually about 2-3 Tablespoons and then blend until everything is smooth.

Pour into a sauce pan on the stove and heat over medium heat till it starts to simmer.  Add in any additional stock as needed to help keep it from getting too thick.

Allow to simmer for about 5-7 minutes.  This allows the gravy to thicken up and cooks out the flour.

Add in any additional seasonings as needed.  I usually add in extra salt, pepper, and garlic powder.  If it’s a chicken or turkey gravy, I’ll add in more poultry seasoning.  Sometimes if I want some spice to it, I’ll add in chili powder.

Once it’s thickened up and you are satisfied with it’s taste, it’s ready to serve up!

Pretty simple right?  I’ve done spicy gravy as well with some roasted chili peppers tossed into the blender along with everything else.

Gravy is a great thing to play around with because it can change up an entire dish just by how you season it.

Aside from the fact that the gravy making time is decreased, a side bonus with using the blender is that you don’t have to worry about lumpy gravy!

There will be a small amount of texture from the veggies but if you don’t even want that, you can strain the gravy to make it ultra smooth.

Have fun guys, and remember, always play with your food!  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Using A Blender To Make Gravy

    • Marianne, I started using the blender just on a whim because I wanted the roasted onions to be more incorporated with the gravy. It worked! And now it’s the only way I make gravy for weekday dinners. :)

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