Embracing Eggs

I have fallen in love with eggs. We’ve recently started adding in more protein to our diets, and because of this our egg intake has increased a great deal.

We go through a lot of eggs.  I buy 3 dozen at a time.

Thankfully I can get some local eggs at my Whole Foods.  Cage free and roaming chickies to provide the eggs.

I would love some pastured eggs though and am still trying to source some in Columbus.  If you have any leads I’ll take them!

My new found love for eggs goes hand-in-hand with my new love of using coconut oil for cooking.

Frying up an egg in some coconut oil tastes amazing.  I love it so much that currently I would rather have a fried egg (or two please) over scrambled.

Scrambled eggs with Cholula on top was my egg choice.  Now?  I really don’t even want to be bothered with scrambled eggs.  Fried all the way please!

How about you? Do you love eggs too?

12 thoughts on “Embracing Eggs

  1. Heidi G says:

    I love eggs and eat a lot of them too. I love that they cook up quickly (no matter what you do with them), so they’re a quick and healthy source of protein. I particularly like scrambled eggs and kale with hot sauce on top.

  2. Eggs are the best thing ever. I have them for breakfast almost every morning, and they definitely are delicious and protein-rich. I ate them a lot when I was a vegetarian too.

    I get my eggs from North Market (or I try to—depends on if I can get over there after work or on the weekend). Greener Grocer has local eggs that are free-range, etc. I’d check those out!

  3. My brother has some chickens in his backyard which make for a fine (almost endless) source of free, pastured eggs for his family. Maybe you could get Rocky some little friends :)

  4. Anne says:

    I buy eggs from http://frijolitofarm.com. The website just says they “have access to the outdoors,” but I’ve visited the farm (Wayne is a really nice, dedicated guy) and those chickens are outside most of the time – basically whenever they choose to be. He feeds them fruit & vegetable scraps, plus whatever they get from being outside.
    I really can’t recommend this farm highly enough. I know they’re struggling this year, and I’d love to see them succeed. Also, their eggs (and chickens) are delicious. :)

  5. I love eggs! We eat them most weekend mornings, and if I’m in need of an easy lunch when I work from home. I’m an overeasy/fried girl, and love hot sauce on top, too.

    I get ours from Speckled Hen Farms at the Worthington or Dublin markets. They are “free-roaming” and cage-free and they make their own all-natural feed. So not quite pastured, but pretty darn good!

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