Starting Anew

It’s been a long time since I’ve talked about anything fitness related.

I was in a slump.  Just when I had finally gotten up to running 5 miles again, events kept me sidelined.

I was off running for a month and that killed all the mileage I had gained.

I was starting to get it back and then was sidelined again and was off running for a couple of weeks.

Nothing injury related, just personal things here at home that kept me home and not out running.

Now I’m back at square one.  Again.

Good ole 2.5 miles is my base right now.  I’m hoping to bump that up soon to three.  I’m determined to get back in shape this summer.

The past year and half exercise was almost nonexistent here.  I was running very little because of a hip injury.  We had to stop going to martial arts because both of us needed that extra time to focus on other things.  I was finishing up school and was trying to decide how I want to grow my business.  Scott was in the process of looking for another job and that process required a lot of his extra time.

Currently, I’m done with school and business building is put on hold for a it.  Scott got a new job and is extremely happy.

This means that we have time to focus on exercising again.

New month, new season, new beginnings.

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