Work Day, Rest Day

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Homespun Sunday post!  I’ve had so many other things that I’ve wanted to talk about it kind of got pushed aside.  Today I’m bringing it back!

Yesterday unfortunately was a work day for both Scott and I.  He’s working on a project for someone and I’m working on a webinar that I’m presenting.  It’s a webinar geared towards health coaches and it’s about how blogging can help you build your business.

As I was writing out my presentation yesterday, I said to Scott that I literally could talk about this for hours.

Blogging and website development things.  As much as I love food and talking about it, blogging would be the next issue that I could go on and on about.

As much as I would have loved to relax yesterday, it wasn’t happening, worked needed to get done.  However the upside is that my “office” is mobile and I did at least get to work from the couch yesterday instead of the office proper.

After my 3 miler, I needed a wee snack.  I had some Greek yogurt with granola and a cup of coffee.  Hooray for fall mugs!

I needed some veggies yesterday and therefore Sunday pancake time got pushed back until next weekend.

Instead I had one of my favorites, salad with an egg on top!  Along with some bacon and cheese!

The day started off gorgeous yesterday but towards the end of the afternoon it started getting really cloudy and much cooler.  We had plans to grill out but that kind of got kiboshed.  It worked out in our favor though because to ease the pain of not grilling, I made gravy.

Gravy cures a lot of woes.

YUM!  We had bone-in pork loin chops (Local, Blues Creek) which were HUGE.  I brined those babies and on the side we had simple boiled potatoes and fresh green beans.

Don’t worry, I’ll go into plenty of detail about those chops later this week.  They deserve their own post.

We did get to relax some after dinner and watching most of the Pens game from Saturday.  They started their season off touring the west which means all the games are late starting games for those of us on the East.  We’ve got a few minutes left of the third period to finish and then we can start Sunday’s game.

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything exciting? 


6 thoughts on “Work Day, Rest Day

  1. We did a 5k walk on Saturday for Suicide Prevention. The weather has been wonderful here but cooling off later in the week.
    We cleaned and decluttered last night and that was much needed.
    Watched plenty of football all weekend too.

  2. Brilliant idea for a salad. It looks so good! I would love to hear that presentation some time. That’s how I feel about the food system and convincing people to cook. Not actually teaching them, but talking about it and the convincing part. :)

  3. Heidi G says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing more info on the pork chops. We had an awesome weekend. It was a great mix of fun and productivity. We had a family outing on Saturday, date night Saturday night, then cleaning and errands on Sunday. I had a bonus day off on Monday for Columbus Day, so I had an additional to do list that I busted through. And the weather this weekend was fabulous.

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