Triple Score

We have finally seen some awesome weather this week.

This is what fall is supposed to be like in Columbus!  Clear blue skies, sun, and warm during the day.  Cool in the mornings and in the evenings.  Perfect perfect weather!

Because the weather was so nice, I was finally able to get some runs in this week.  I got four runs in this week and two of those runs were 3 MILES.

Heck yes!

Finally able to get past that 2.5 mile plateau that I was at for so long.

And I even got Scotty to go out for a run last week.  It was only once but it was something.  He’ll be getting more in especially if he’s looking to race next month.

We’re both going to run The Flying Feather next month.  It was such fun last year and since he said he would run it with me, I’m holding him to it.

Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already next month!

Anyone wanna run it with us?

I didn’t think that I would be running any races this year thanks to the granny hip issues but it seems like I just might be able to squeeze one in!

Since I was finally able to reach 3 miles, I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with this running injury.  It’s taking some time (oh boy is it) but I will get past it.

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