Hal and Al’s Columbus Bar

My absolute favorite bar in Columbus, is by far, Hal and Al’s. My friend John is responsible for introducing me to this fabulous place.

He kept saying to me, “Andrea, they have a great beer selection and I really think you would enjoy their stouts.”

These are the kinds of friends you need to have in your life.  The ones that seriously look out for you and have your back.

John, totally has my back when it comes to beer.

So I finally made it down to Hal and Al’s and fell in love right away.  They have an amazing beer selection.  I’m not exaggerating here, the menu is three pages long and has the beers listed by type.  Meaning the beers are listed as, Lagers, Ales, IPAs, Stouts, Porters and so on.

And there’s usually some stuff they have either in bottles or on tap that isn’t listed on the menu.

Heck yes!

The atmosphere is exactly what I’m looking for in a bar.  There’s plenty of seating in a wide open space. The bathrooms are clean and updated.  It’s quite, no super loud music and no super loud people.

There’s food! Hal and Al’s just happens to serve all vegan bar food.  Now I know some might not care for it, but I happen to like it a lot.  Keep in mind, it is bar food, but the offerings are enjoyable.  My favorite being the burrito and the sweet potato fries.

Plus free popcorn just to munch on if you feel like it.

The decor is totally up my alley.

How can you not like a bar that has a pic of Jambi up?  Meka leka hi, meka hiney ho!

There’s also one of Tom Selleck because of course, why not?!  They also have a lot of retro pictures up that advertises things like bar hours, drink suggestions, and weekly specials.

Bonus is that they also do tastings of beers on Tuesdays.

There will be a theme to the tastings, like a sampling of stouts or IPAs for example.

They handle the tastings in the most efficient way.  You sign up at the bar and then you’ll get 4oz (guessing, but I’m pretty sure it’s 4oz) tasting cups, each numbered 1 through however many are being tasted for that event.  The first cup gets filled up and you’re told what it is.  You go sit down and when you’re ready for #2, you bring up your #2 cup to the bar and they fill it up for you. Rinse, repeat.

This is great because it lets you taste at your own pace and you’re not sitting there with a bunch of samples of beer getting warm while you work your way through them.


The best part is at the end, when you’ve finished the tasting you get a pint glass to take home.  Oh yeah!

Considering how much beer you’re getting to sample and that you get a glass at the end, the tastings are completely priced well.

If you’re in the mood for a pint, definitely check out Hal and Al’s! I think you’ll be pleased with the selection that you find there.

Stay tuned! The last tasting we did at Hal and Al’s was a pumpkin beer tasting! :pumpkin:

Hal and Al’s
1297 Parsons Ave Columbus, Ohio 43206

Stay tuned! The last tasting we did at Hal and Al’s was a pumpkin beer tasting! :pumpkin:

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