Chill In The Air

Welcome Fall! Aside from some rain and wind here and there, we’ve been having the best mornings lately.

I am such a cold weather baby.  When I step outside in the frosty cool morning I’m completely energized and crave to be outside.  I run back in, not because I’m freezing but because I want to quick change my clothes and go out for a run. Or a walk or whatever, just as long as I’m outside.

This is my prime time of the year.  My runs are better and I enjoy being outside much more.  I really dislike summer running.  The only thing that I like about summer running is that I sweat more and I do enjoy getting a good sweat going for a workout.

Otherwise summer can kiss my butt, I’ll take Fall running over that all the time.

I might not be running very far right now but I’ll take what I can get.

This morning I got out for a 3.5er, which is my max distance at this point.  I hope to be able to increase that mileage soon but I also realize I need to take this recovery super slow and not rush anything.

It was gorgeous out this morning.  The air was crisp and oh so chilly.  We had a hard frost last night and everything had a little crunch to it.  Then it started glistening as the sun started to rise into bright blue skies.

Love! This is when Columbus is at its best.  Fall and Spring can provide such beautiful moments.

I hope we have many more of these before winter fully sets in.

4 thoughts on “Chill In The Air

  1. I love crisp fall air too, especially all the fun layering options when you get dressed. Bring on the boots and scarves – before it’s so cold that you have to cover it all up in a bulky coat!

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