Three Years Strong

Yesterday was my 3 year blogversary! While I know that this year has seen a name change with the blog, that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve been blogging about food and wellness for three years now.


In three years so many things have changed in my life but real food and eating well is always a constant.

Okay, so is wine, beer, and cheese.  But you know what I mean!

I appreciate all of my readers, old and new, who keep coming back to talk about food and all of the many things we like to chat about.

Since I had a dream last night where I was talking about my favorite stout, I’ll post a few links to some of my favorite things on the blog.

Starting off with Buried Hatchet Stout since I brought it up.

Back when I used to post our daily eats, this is my favorite post.

This is our favorite event in Columbus, The Food and Wine Affair.

My favorite race in Columbus, Cap City Half.


I can’t even begin to post my favorite recipes because I have a ton but I’ll post a few from this summer that I love.

Beer steamed mussels on the grill.

Fajita burgers with quick pickled onion and jalapeno.

Those are just a few of my favorite things on the blog! With three years under my belt there’s a lot of posts there that I love.

We’ll be taking the weekend off here at the HQ and blogging will start back next week after the holiday.  The main plans for the weekend include:

  • Relaxing
  • Grilling
  • Beer
  • Gaming (hopefully!)
  • Continuing the countdown till hockey season starts

Thanks for a fabulous three years guys! Here’s to many more! Cheers!


16 thoughts on “Three Years Strong

  1. Just “popped” in from I don’t know where but it looks like I’m just in time to wish you a Happy Blogoversary! I’ve also just become your latest twitter follower!

    Thanks for sharing…Toasting you many more fun years of blogging!!!

  2. Happy Blogiversary! It always amazes me how many people started their blogs the same year as I did. I always assume so many people have been around much longer than I.

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