Labor Day Recap

This past holiday weekend went by way too quickly.  A lot of my friends were off traveling and taking much needed vacations.  Scott and I stayed home for several reasons, more on that in a future post.

And since we stayed home, we decided to get some work done on the house.  By work, I mean cleaning up and clearing out.

Over the weekend we went through our backup office, which is a bedroom that holds all of our stuff that we don’t put in our downstairs office.  When you’ve got two people working from home and running businesses, there is a lot of “stuff” that accumulates.  Anyway, a good bit of that stuff needs to either be filed and stored away, or disposed of in some way.  We cleaned out the backup office as best we could for now and then moved on to our library.  We pulled out a lot of books that we are donating or taking to a half price store.

We read a lot (well I read more than Scott does) and that means we have a bunch of books.  If it’s not good enough that I would want to read it again, off it goes to be donated.

We worked our tails off but we relaxed and had fun too!  Sadly it was raining and chilly over the weekend so no grilling happened but we can make up for that another time!

This weekend, we cracked open the first seasonal beer for Fall 2011.  It was a Pecan Harvest Abita.  I have to say that it was alright.  Nothing great, and the nut flavor was minimal. Drinkable but I wouldn’t get it again.  My favorite nut ale is still Leinenkugel’s Fireside Nut Brown Ale.

We got a chance to game this weekend.  We played Dead Nation, which is a zombie game.  It’s third person shooter game that you can play as a co-op.  Once you get the hang of the way their aim feature works, it’s not a bad game.  I like it much better than Left 4 Dead.

Scott opened up his new favorite tequila.  He’s very fond of tequila and I would wager to say that it’s his favorite to drink.  This happens to be his newest crush.

Because the weather was cool and very much feeling like fall, I made some fall inspired things.  I made some granola that I spiced up with clove, molasses, and allspice.  Then I took those same elements and made buckwheat pancakes for breakfast.

It’s only a matter of time before I crank out the pumpkin.  Thankfully I still have plenty of cans left from when I started hoarding pumpkin last fall.

While I don’t have a ton of pictures from the weekend or even a recap of wonderful eats, we had the perfect weekend for us.  We worked on the house, gamed some, and got to spend some quality time together.  For us, that’s a win!

How was your weekend?

4 thoughts on “Labor Day Recap

  1. Ugh, I’m in the middle of organizing/purging my bedroom and office right now. I wanted to have it completely done by Thursday when I go back to classes, but doesn’t look like it will be quite complete. Close though, and I’m okay with that :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! I need to donate some books too….I have way too many and I don’t typically read a book more than once.

    I still have a few cans of pumpkin from last year too! YUM!


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