Slow Week

This was an odd week for running.  The first half of the week was really windy and while I know that some folks don’t mind running in that, I’m not one of them.  I hate running in wind.  It makes my nose run and my ears hurt, and it’s just not fun.

That was two days without running.

One of those days I did do a workout DVD, a quick Jillian workout and whew I was sore the next day.  I am out of shape!

The following day it rained all day long.  It wasn’t until Thursday that I got in my first run of the week.


I did a 2.5 mile run, my longest yet during this whole hip injury thingie.  The run went well.  I have no idea what my pace was because my HR monitor seemed to be out of whack.

That I ran 2.5 miles in 35 minutes. That I did that run with a 13:30 pace.  Um.  I know I was a little bit faster than that!

My hip was amazingly sore that day.  It hurt to walk and go up and down stairs.  It hasn’t bothered me that much in a very long time.  It felt different than the pain before.  This felt like it was in my bones as opposed to just being a sore muscle.  It felt structural as opposed to muscle soreness. So strange!

It lessened by the end of the day and by bedtime it was completely gone.

It didn’t make any sense. I only up my mileage by .5 miles, so why in the world would my hip bug me that much?  UGH!

I probably shouldn’t have but I ran the next day as well.  My hip was tight during the run but not sore and it was only slightly tight after the run.  It wasn’t sore.

Break on Saturday and then a run on Sunday.

I’m was in the middle of doing my 2.5 loop this morning when I almost stopped dead in my tracks because I realized what happened on Thursday.

I didn’t run 2.5 miles that day.  I ran 3.5!  I wasn’t thinking and just did an extra loop because I was zoned out and running along.

Holy crap no wonder my hip hurt me so much on Thursday! And no wonder it took me 35 minutes!

Well now that brings up some interesting things.

I’m not quite ready for that kind of mileage just yet, which was made apparent by how much my hip hurt.  I’m still running so that’s a positive thing.  However it’s clear now that this is going to take me some serious time to get past.

I don’t know what happened to my hip but it is a more intense of an injury than I originally thought.  It’s going to be a slow recovery process but as long as I can run, then I’m okay with that.

How was your training this week?

8 thoughts on “Slow Week

  1. Glad you are hanging in and that you seem to be progressing. Sounds like you are needing to take it really slow. I’ve been having the hardest time with my running this week. A very low motivation week. Finally got in a run today and I was struggling. Had to walk a bit, but my pace during the run was faster. About 6 weeks until the half so I’ve got some serious work to do!

    • Lori, Yes slow and steady is the name of the game. I realize now that I can’t go any faster and this is going to take some time to get past. I wish I knew what happened to put me in this mess!

  2. Glad to hear you’re back out running, Andrea! It makes me laugh a little that you accidentally ran an extra loop, though it was a good realization it sounds. You’re doing an awesome job paying attention to your body and adding mileage slowly! I finally got my butt out running again, since I signed up for the Buckeye Classic again. I’m guessing you won’t be ready for it this year? (I hope we can run it together again in 2012, at the very least!) Eight miles in the bag as of today. Hoping to do 10 this coming week, and continue to slowly but surely add mileage back in. I’ve been running without my sports watch to avoid the stress of time.

    • Jess, LOL! Only a runner would add on an extra mile without thinking about it, right? I’m so sad but I do think the Buckeye Classic is out for me this year. Such a great race too!

      • Haha, yes, only a runner! What are you hoping to accomplish running-wise this week? I just realized that you were my first online (and later, real life) buddy in Columbus! I can’t believe it’s been over a year. :)

  3. That’s sort of awesome- not because your hip hurt, but because you ran an extra loop without realizing! I keep hoping for the day that’ll happen to me while I’m running!

    Good to hear you’re otherwise taking it easy, though!

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