Bites From The Week: August 8 2011

Cupcakes from Cupcake Yum Yum. I’m pretty sure that there were a cupcakes on there with bacon on them.

Plantable name tags. You plant them and wildflowers will bloom.  Favors from a dinner event I attended last week.

Spent a day in the kitchen canning things like crazy.  All refrigerator style.  I only had quart jars so clearly some things are floating around a lot!

Someone sleeping while mama works hard in the kitchen.

Ended the week with a lovely pizza.  Pesto base, red onions, banana peppers, and spinach feta chicken sausage crumbled on top of a whole wheat crust.  The best part is that there is leftovers.

How was your week?

6 thoughts on “Bites From The Week: August 8 2011

    • Rose, I took a class on canning tomato sauce! I was told that it’s best to follow an established recipe so you can get the right acidity. It was pretty straight forward, the process. Ball has a website for canning: And I also recommend the book, Canning For A New Generation.

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