Triple Run

Last week was a turning point at physical therapy. I normally go on Tuesdays but last week because of other things going on, I had to go on Monday. Instead of being able to see the person I normally see, I had to see another therapist.

This was the best experience! She started the session with saying, “Let’s just check to make sure your hips and muscles are aligned right.”

And you know what?  They were not! She did a few resistance moves on me to get my hips back to where they needed to be.  I was amazed!

This is the first time someone has talked with me about hip alignment.  I know my hips themselves are fine because I had Xrays done at the chiro.  However, I did think that perhaps one of my tendons or ligaments around my right hip was out of place. So when I ran, it was being rubbed or irritated because it wasn’t in the proper spot.  Especially since this is my right hip we’re talking about and it tends to be loose like that.

Sometimes, it will get out of alignment and I have to “pop” it back in place.  Hard to explain but it happens.  I was convinced that this is what happened.  That something moved slightly and wasn’t getting back in place.  It’s hard to convey that to a doctor though because when you try and mention that, people tend to look at you like you’ve got three heads.

She said that it should help my hip and decrease the inflammation after runs.  Not right away but that it’s going to take some time.  Since my hip was being stubborn about still hurting, she had a feeling this might have been the reason.

I am happy to report that I have run 3 times this week.


I have not run that consecutively since May when I ran the Cap City Quarter Marathon.

I am unbelievebly excited!  I’m still only running a mile at a time, but I will take that no problem

The first two runs I had to ice my hip but that was me playing it safe.  My hip was sore but no where near as much as before. The second run, I even forgot to ice it! It was several hours later when I remembered.

My third run was today and so far I haven’t even thought about icing it.  It’s sore only if I’m in a position where I’m stretching it out.  It doesn’t hurt when I get up or sit down.  And it doesn’t hurt when I go up and down stairs.

I’m considering this progress!

I see the therapist tomorrow and I’m going to ask for the other therapist to check my hips again and see if they need a little more work because that seemed to have done wonders for me.

10 thoughts on “Triple Run

  1. Heidi says:

    I’m so happy you were able to run three times last week! That is awesome. It’s great that the other therapist tried something new that helped you out. It’s amazing how a new person’s perspective can help improve the situation!

  2. Andrea, that is such great news!! I’m so glad you were able to see someone new with a different perspective. That worked out well. So glad you are back on the road and more importantly that you know what the issue is.

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