Pantry Staple: Eggs

Eggs, in this house we love them. We eat them a lot and in fact, Scott sometimes has a hardboiled egg as his nighttime snack.  I always have eggs on hand and consider them an official Food Embrace Pantry Staple.

Yes, I realize they don’t reside in the pantry but because they are a “must have”, I consider them one of the most important staples to have on hand.

Eggs possess qualities that all pantry staples should have, being budget friendly and being quick to make.

Let’s face it, we all have a budget when we go grocery shopping and we all like having the ability to make a quick meal when short on time or super hungry.

I had a HUGE craving for eggs most recently and much to my dismay I was out of them.


I try to plan my shopping trips so that I have replenished the supply before it totally runs dry.  With the past several weeks being really busy around here, grocery shopping was put on the back burner.  I had food on hand for meals but my egg supply had gone to empty.

I figured I could get by and be fine but everywhere I turned someone was talking about eggs or showing eggs. Yesterday I very much wanted eggs for a large Sunday Breakfast but had to settle for some pancakes instead.  Don’t get me wrong, they were very yummy but a poor substitute for eggs.

After watching Food Network for a bit and seeing Bobby Flay make a grilled egg dish, I stomped my foot and said I needed eggs.  We had to make a grocery store trip anyway and decided to head out.

Normally my grocery store days fall on Fridays because those tend to be our least busiest days (for a reason, we plan it that way) but desperate times call for desperate measures and we braved the store on Sunday.

It was crazy and very packed up but I had a list, coupons (that I forgot to use! Doh!), and a mission.  Thankfully I’m able to purchase local eggs at this store otherwise I would have been even more cranky I think. Bonus was that they were on sale and I walked away with 4 dozen eggs on hand.

Yes 4 dozen!

Another beautiful pantry staple quality that eggs have is that they last a long time.  Getting fresh local eggs, the “best buy” date is usually a month to a good six weeks out from the date of purchase.

Filled up with groceries and eggs to last us through the next several weeks, I was happy and content.  Plus I finally got to eat my egg meal that I had been dreaming about for days.

  • 2 Local Eggs, fried and with the yolks cooked through (runny yolks squick me out).
  • Home fries with a mix of greens (kale, mustard, collard), onions, and peppers.
  • Whole grain toast with butter.

Hash and eggs topped with Cholula.


That “hash” is one of my super favorite creations and I’ve made it several ways.  All of them have been equally delicious!

I ended the day yesterday with a full pantry, a full belly and a craving satisfied.

Do you like eggs? Do you try to always have some on hand?

14 thoughts on “Pantry Staple: Eggs

  1. Nicole says:

    I could eat eggs for every meal- and on lazy days I do! Since they tend to appear for at least one meal/snack each day, I buy 3-4 dozen at a time. Another reason to purchase so many is that I eat mainly the whites; I try to stick to only 1-2 yolks per day.

    I get the Holistic Acres brand because they’re from Ohio. Thankfully two different stores (WF and Raisin Rack) carry them so I have easy access and they’re relatively cheap compared to other local eggs or even organic eggs.

    I’m a yolk-poker too! LOL.

  2. Heidi says:

    I love eggs and always have them on hand. I normally buy them from a friend who has chickens, but I’ll get them from WF if she’s out. I’ve been making omelettes for dinner a lot lately. It’s a quick and easy dinner. :)

  3. Love, love eggs in our house, too! Weekend breakfasts usually include them, and if I’m home for lunch on a no-leftovers day, I usually throw something together with eggs – but we like the runny yolks. If I know I’ll be missing a week at the farmer’s market, I stock up a couple weeks ahead of time, too.

  4. Unless it was in something like pancakes, I’d never eaten an egg until I was maybe 19. They always gave me the wigguns. Now I buy a couple dozen at a time and always have hard boiled eggs handy for breakfast or to make a quick curried egg salad.

    • Mike, I wasn’t a big egg fan when I was younger either. I could choke down scrambled if I had to but it wasn’t something I preferred. Now I can’t get enough!

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